OK… so I have a few questions on your ULTIMATE SHRED 365 Plan.. I kind of need the “Mama” version of the Shred plan. As you can imagine my life in INSANELY busy with the twins and my other little one, HOWEVER, my fitness and body are a close second in line as far as my priorities right now.
I can’t do cardio as soon as I wake up. i have to wait until my little one goes to school and the twins are napping. Is waiting 3 hours too long without eating? Should I drink a shake to hold me over or just drink black coffee until I can do my cardio? Can I stick a Quest bar in anywhere if I’m on the go or just so damn busy that I can’t stop to eat?
Gina…. THIS is finally my time to get back into the BEST shape of my life. I want it BADLY. I’m soooo ready and I’ll do anything to get there.
Thanks so much for your help!
Hello!! First of all, I love how motivated and dedicated you are to making things happen and getting back into the BEST shape of your life! You already are doing so great and look fantastic. You are off to a great start! I am confident in my SHRED and know you will find it useful!! I completely understand what you are saying and trying to use the plan within your mama schedule! Completely understandable!! Keep in mind the plan is “in a perfect world”. Of course, there are things you can and will need do to tweak things to work for you! The most important thing is CONSISTENCY not perfection. If you can’t get up every day and do a.m. cardio, that is fine. I definitely do not want you to wait too long before you eat so as long as you get in the cardio, that is perfect. Don’t worry about empty stomach… Just eat first thing… do what you have to do and get in your cardio/training when you can. As for the Quest bars, don’t get in the habit of replacing a meal for a bar, just because, but of course if you need to get something in, are in a hurry and just don’t have time, go for a shake or bar over missing a meal. Let me know if you have any other questions and please keep me posted as you dig into the plan!! Remember it is all about consistency NOT perfection!!! That is what is going to keep you moving forward and reaching your goals! Slow and steady is what we want!! Have an amazing day! xoxo Gina

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