Getting Fit with Short Yet Effective Challenges 

It has been over 5 years now since I have embarked upon my NO GYM home workouts and they continue to evolve. My daily G-Fit Workouts have transformed into monthly challenges, broken down into daily mini circuit workouts (Hello VIP). I fall more and more in love with them every day because they are completely realistic and give me the focus I need to stay on track. They seem to be the answer to allowing me to fit in my workouts, while juggling both mommy life and work life.

Similar to when I use to compete, having a goal and a focus is what keeps me on track. When we commit to a challenge, we are more likely to show up. No matter what that challenge may be, it is all about accomplishing a goal and proving to yourself that you can do it. As life got busier for me, I found it harder to stay committed. I created a solution that would keep me in the game and showing up every day. My mantra has always been less is more and something every day… I have taken these principles and rolled them into monthly challenges that are keeping me fired up and showing up every day, making no excuses.

I wanted to share with you 6 reasons I have found Challenges to be so effective along with a fun challenge to do with you!

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY. They hold you accountable and make you show up every day to tackle your challenge.
  2. SUPPORT. The support from others keeps you digging deep and tackling every day.
  3. EFFICIENT. Less is more. The challenges I set up are not long, often ONLY 5 minutes, so really are realistic for everyday life. ANYONE can find 5 minutes to fit into their day!
  4. FOCUS. Having a daily goal or challenge keeps you focused and committed. There is something about having a challenge you have committed to that gives you focus and a sense of commitment to yourself to see it through.
  5. HABITS. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. By committing to a monthly challenge, you are going beyond the 21 days so the goal is creating habits that will stick with you for life, keeping you moving daily.
  6.  CONSISTENCY. Consistency is my game and the answer for long term results. Rather than spontaneously being active with unrealistic workouts, , being consistent with workouts that are realistic and fit into your daily life keeps you consistent. Challenges is where it’s at!

Check out this awesome QUICK yet EFFECTIVE challenge that will boost your heart rate and set your metabolism on fire all day! You will see how in ONLY 5 minutes, you can tackle your workout and make no excuses!

Gina Aliotti’s Challenge Workout:

In this circuit workout, you will preform 3 exercises back to back dropping down 1 rep with each round starting with 10. I hope you have as much fun with this workout as I did!

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Stand with your feet shoulder width distance apart and dumbbells in each hand, held at your shoulders. Press up overhead to perform a shoulder press. Bring the dumbbells back to the starting position and repeat until you have completed that rounds reps.

Kettle Bell or Dumbbell Swings

Start with your feet slightly wider than shoulders width distance apart and holding either a dumbbell or kettle bell in between your legs. Squat down then as you rise back up to the standing position, swing the dumbbell or kettle bell directly out in front of you until it is parallel or slightly higher than parallel to the ground. As you drop back down to the starting position, the KB or DB comes down as you squat. Repeat the movement until you have completed the amount of reps for that round.

Jump Squats or Body Weight Squats

Do any variation of a body weight squat or jump squat. With feet slightly wider than shoulders width distance, drop down into a squat, pushing your glutes back, then rise back up, driving with your heels. If you decide to do a jump squat, jump up in the air as you come up to a standing position. Repeat the movement until you have completed the amount of reps for that round.

Dig Deep and Have Fun!

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