Think about it for a quick second, what are your strengths? What are you good at? It is so easy to always see the things that need improvement or things that you may find you aren’t that great at but focus less on that and more on the things you are excellent at! We all have true strengths! It is so easy to wake up and go throughout our day focusing on our weaknesses but you are stronger and smarter than that! The more you focus on those weaknesses and not your strengths, the more your strengths will become weaknesses. It is all about the dialogue you have with yourself that will determine your personal beliefs about yourself. What you believe is what is true! If you are constantly seeing weaknesses, you are most likely going to give up on your journey and feel as if you just “aren’t good enough”.
It is absolutely important to recognize things that need improvement, as we are always striving for Kaizen (constant improvement)–YES– BUT do not focus on those things as the center of your attention. Those things need to be recognized and worked on but not your main focus. Use your strengths to help boost your weaknesses. When you focus on the things you are good at and your personal talents, that confidence will allow your weaknesses to evolve into strengths!
Today, discover what it is you are truly good at? What is or are your strengths? Go after today focusing on those things! I am good at__________________? Value those things and recognize them because we all have them but often don’t take the time to acknowledge them!
So what are they? Please share your strengths and let’s come up with quite a list of Fitness Network Strengths? That is quite a list….