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As we dig into the new year, we often find that many of the resolutions that we boldly embraced a few weeks ago may have already fallen by the wayside. It is so easy to begin something while feeling intensely motivated, but then life happens and before you know it, you can lose site of your goals or forget it was you wanted in the first place. When motivation fades, we have to dig a little deeper to find our dedication to our goals. I’d like to share some of the things that keep me on track and focused throughout the year. I hope these reminders help you to revisit your new years goals and implement some strategies that will enable you to make 2018 your most successful year yet!


One of the best ways to keep yourself accountable is by creating a schedule. As a busy mom of 2 and working 2 full time jobs, scheduling is everything. If its not on my calendar, it doesn’t happen. Without a schedule, things can get lost in the shuffle and forgotten entirely!

You tell yourself you are going to workout, but then something gets in the way because it wasn’t on your schedule. If working out is one of your new years goals, be sure you schedule the time in your day, just as you would schedule a work meeting or a doctor’s appointment. If it is on your calendar, you are more likely to make it happen.

Every month, I set up a calendar of my workouts for myself and my VIP’s, so that we know exactly what we are doing each and every day of the month. Having this handy, gives us structure and focus. Take a look at how I structure my workouts in this months VIP Challenge Calendar HERE. You see, even rest days are accounted for! 🙂

When you create a plan and structure your days, you are less likely to fall off. I do this for my workouts, business tasks and household duties. Scheduling is a must for juggling my responsibilities, while still meeting the needs of my family, and not losing myself in the process.


When you set a large or long-term goal, the magnitude of all you must do in order to reach it can feel impossible. One of my favorite mantras is “one thing at a time.” I say this to myself throughout the day, when I am feeling overwhelmed. Start by tackling whatever is on your calendar for that day, then cross off that day and move to the next. Taking things day-by-day, you see tasks getting done and progress being made toward your end goals. Rather than creating a never-ending, miles-long “to do list,” focus on just one day, one project, one task at a time. It is incredibly satisfying to crossing things off as they are complete!


It may be hard at first, but over time, the things we do repeatedly will become second-nature. In order for something to become a part of you and your lifestyle, it should be something you can enjoy! If your goal is to lose weight, but you loathe running, training for a marathon is probably not a great way to reach that goal. There are often any number of ways to reach your goals, so make sure you are enjoying the journey. sure you are enjoying the journey.


You don’t need the incentive of a new year to make a fresh start. You can reaffirm your goals and work toward achieving them any time of the year. This is why I love my monthly calendars, because they give a fresh, new focus and direction each month. Every day, week and month is a new opportunity to jump back on. If at any time you stumble, just get right back up and refocus.If you have lost focus, TODAY is a new day and a new opportunity to START fresh again! If your resolutions have taken a back seat, that is OKAY! Today is your chance to start again!



Having a tribe of people to keep you digging deep, showing up and getting back up when you fall is KEY. Support is KEY. You can go after a goal solo but it is so much easier with support. Not only do you not feel alone, you are able to learn from others and realize that struggles you are having, someone else is having too. Having the support from like minded individuals can make all the difference in reaching your goals or not. It is always so much more fun together! If you don’t have a tribe, find one and if you have one, keep them close by. Together we are stronger. Join my Tribe and see for yourself how this ONE variable can be the solution to your resolution! Join HERE. 



Plan a reward! Maybe it’s a new pair of yoga pants or wall decor you have had your eye on. Whatever it is, find a way to celebrate your success. Having something to look forward to will help to keep you showing up every day. Your end goal IS the big reward, but remember to praise yourself daily for the steps you are taking to reach your goals! Please, give yourself credit for the small victories along the way because they are HUGE! I LOVE seeing all the Victory Posts from our Breakthrough Challenge. Way to own it and celebrate your way to the top!

Way to go Lyn, Way to celebrate this HUGE victory leading you towards HUGE results! Keep rocking it girl! This is your Breakthrough Year!


This is your breakthrough year! Download my Ultimate Breakthrough Plan HERE.