Hope everyone had a healthy weekend and eventful weekend~!! We mention the “refuel” meal, its importance and the ability to be able to have some flexibility with your program but I wanted to share another tip on this meal! First of all, you notice how I always refer to this meal as a “refuel” and not a “cheat”. This fun and flexible meal is a meal allowing you to be flexible, live, enjoy and have fun with friends and family and most of all easing your mind, body and soul, replenishing and refueling!! These meals are totally fine and mentally and physically healthy as long as you don’t allow yourself to get carried away.
Often times people use “all-or-none” thinking, (sound familiar??!!) meaning that if they are going to go out to eat and enjoy a “refuel” meal, let’s say get a burger, they decide they might as well get extra cheese, fries, mayo, soda or beer, etc … when they could still enjoy the burger, but with a healthier approach, without going crazy.
My idea of a refuel would be to be able to go out and get what you want so let’s say you are dying for a burger, opt for your burger without cheese or mayo, have salad instead of fries, diet soda or water, etc. If you are craving pasta, opt for whole wheat pasta with a light tomato sauce.
They key is, don’t feel you’ve “cheated,”, you have simply “refueled”! Don’t worry about it or get caught up in the mental battle of the meal. Enjoy it and then get right back on track the next meal/day.
Rather than going for the ALL or NOTHING approach, go for a “modified refuel meal” (order what you want, but make simple, small changes to eliminate the unnecessary unhealthy “extra’s”) and then get right back on track with your healthy, planned eating right after. With that approach, your refuel meals are an amazing way to allow you to have a very realistic and balance approach to this healthy lifestyle!
With the right mindset and a little extra effort and planning, you can turn weekends into an enjoyable experience, and still take steps towards achieve your goals. Remember this is all about allowing yourself to enjoy life and still obtain the results you are searching for! There is no reason you can not have them both! Balance is the key, striving for it is success!
That is what my meal PLANS are all about, having a set plan that will allow you to get results but ALSO and more importantly for you to MAINTAIN those results for life! Having a refuel makes this lifestyle so much more realistic. Realistic = Success!
Have an incredible day everyone and enjoy a well deserved Refuel!