Q: Gina, I have hear you talk a lot about Julian Bread and I am so excited to try it! It looks delicious!! I noticed that there is “sprouts of Kamut” in the bread. What is Kamut?? Thanks.
A: Great question! First of all, YES the Julian bread is amazing and I am so happy you are going to try it!!
Kamut is a relative to wheat but the grain in bigger, in size and has 20–40% more protein, higher in lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and is used as an alternative for all products that now use common wheat.. Kamut has a rich, buttery flavor, and is easily digested.

Kamut can be found in cereals, breads, cookies, snacks, waffles, pancakes, bread mixes, baked goods, and prepared in cold meals and salads. The good news is because it is naturally sweet, no sugar is necessary to hide the slight bitterness as seen with most wheat and whole wheat products.

The good news is that it has been found that about 70% of people allergic or sensitive to traditional wheat are not allergic to the Kamut grain.
It is great for baking and since we are all bakers… 😉 it is a great alternative to other wheats and makes for great breads, protein pancakes, protein muffins and even cold cereals!! If you are allergic or sensitive to wheat, this may be another great wheat substitute. 🙂 Hope that helps!! Definitely try the Julian Bread, you are going to Love it!!!!