Hey Gina , Hope you and your lil man are going Great…
Today I have a question about how you manage the time when you go to the gym ?
I just started to hit the gym and it feels great …my babygirl is at my moms while I’m in the gym … yesterday I took her with to see how it works , i fed her before so she was sleeping and then did my cardio for around 45 min, she woke up in between so I had to stop the workout for 10 min, could finish it because I was swinging the car sit while I drove the bike…
But …in few weeks we are moving in another city and my mom won’t be there , so I need to take her with to the gym or doing workout at home (which is not the same workout like at the gym)
how do you manage all that ? any tips for me ?
This is definitely a popular situation and dilemma and my answer is going to be quick yet efficient workouts. Rather than slow, steady state cardio then concentrated weight training, I would focus on more HIIT cardio and circuit training so you can get in cardio and weights at the same time. Much less time and so efficient. That is all I am doing. We don’ t have family around so I am doing all circuit training, HIIT cardio and of course, taking my little guy on fast walk/runs in his stroller. Run/Walk then a set of push ups, sit ups, squats, repeat… It is a great way to get the calorie burn, while still committing to weights. We really have to do what we can, at this point. I also have a set of dumbbells that I have at home and keep on hand so whenever I can get in a set of shoulder presses, curls or rows, I will add them in.  Hope that helps! Keep me posted and best luck! Know that you are NOT alone! xo Gina