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    Ultimate Summer Shred Plan

    Complete Summer Shred  Program

    Eat for Purpose ALL Summer Long!

    It’s that time of year again, my 5th annual Summer Squat Challenge. Combine your Summer Squats with this Summer Shred Plan and you are sure to SHRED all Summer long.

    Change your Summer Game forever with this Ultimate Summer Shred Plan that will walk you through exactly what to eat ALL SUMMER LONG.

    BONUS: 7 Day Summer Shred to shred in 7 days. Perfect for a pre or post Summer vacation plan to tighten you up in ONLY 7 Days, Guaranteed! 

    Who Is the Ultimate Shred Summer Plan Good For?

     Anyone who wants to stay committed throughout the busy Summer months.

     Busy moms who need an excuses to make you Non- Negotiable.

     Anyone who wants to look and feel amazing rocking your bikini this Summer!

     Wants to learn how to “Eat for Purpose” and Shred this Summer with my proven formulas that WORK.


    Who Can Do the Plan? 

    Anyone that wants to look and feel their best this Summer! If you want serious results, this plan is for YOU.

    Is the Plan Gluten Free and offer substitutions? 

    Yes the plan is gluten free, like most of my plans, and do offer an exchange list so you can switch out your macros based on what you love and are craving 🙂 It’s super easy to follow and will leave you satisfied while you watch your body fat melt away!

    Follow the Plan = Feel Confident in Your Bikini this Summer!

    The Ultimate Summer Shred Plan:

    • Ultimate Summer Shred Meal Plan- Eat for Purpose all Summer long!
    • What to eat and when! Take the guessing out of what you “Should be eating” and start eating for RESULTS!
    • Flexible menu providing food swaps and options throughout each week.
    • Favorite Ultimate Summer Shred recipes compatible with the menu.
    • Ultimate Summer Shred Cardio Program- Cardio routine for all Summer.
    • Ultimate Summer Shred Supplement recommendations.


    • Ultimate Summer Shred 7-Day Diet- Shred in ONLY 7 Days. Perfect for a vacation or Summer BBQ when you want to look your best!


    You have been falling victim to the Summer crazy! Beach parties, BBQ’s, vacations, juggling kids, etc.

    With all the success from my Summer Squat Challenges, the past few years, The Ultimate Summer Shred Plan is meant to accelerate your Summer goals and give you structure, while blasting fat this Summer!

    What you can expect from The Ultimate Summer Shred Plan?

    Summer Diet Utilizing my Eat for Purpose strategies to keep you on track and shredding all summer long! You can’t out squat a bad diet so I want to be sure you are fueling properly and shredding body fat while building the booty!

    24/7 Support & Motivation in our Summer Squat Challenge Facebook group. Having others that are right there with you, will ensure you stay on track and fired up all Summer long.

    7-Day Summer Shred Diet to get you ready for vacation or perfect for a post event detox jump start plan.

    Recipes to go with your Summer Shred Plan. You will never be bored when you learn how easy it can be preparing yummy meals. When you are excited about your food you stay on track and that means shredding all summer long, Guaranteed! Learn my winning approach to what I call “simple creative” cooking.


    So what are you waiting for?! Rock your BEST Summer body ever with The Ultimate Summer Shred Shred Plan. Your summers will never be the same!

    Only $47.00

    Results on the Ultimate Summer Shred Plan ...

    • The Results On Gina’s Ultimate Summer Shred have been phenomenal. Thank you Gina!!

      ~ Antigone Arford

    • ~ Antigone Arford

    • 5 pound difference on the Bonus 7 Day Summer Shred. LOVE the Results, thanks Gina!

      ~ Diane Lee

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