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    Ultimate Summer Shred Plan – Squat Challenge

    Shred for Summer

    Complete Summer Shred Diet & Squat Plan

    94 days of Summer – No Gym Necessary!

    It’s that time of year again, my 4th annual Summer Squat Challenge but this year better than ever because I have designed a complete Summer Shred Program to keep you shredding and on your Squat game all Summer long!

    Change your Summer Game forever The Ultimate Summer Shred Plan. Your Full Summer Diet & So much more. Know exactly how to eat for every day of Summer!


    Summer means kids are out of school, family vacations and if you are like me, it may not be as “easy” to stay on your fitness game. 4 years ago, I started my Summer Squat Challenge and it has gained recognition for being not only SO MUCH FUN but a great way to stay on track with your goals throughout summer.

    This year I decided to step up your Squat Game with an ALL INCLUSIVE Summer Shred Plan that will keep you squatting and shredding all summer long!


    Who Is the Program Good For?

    Anyone who wants a fun challenge to stay committed throughout the busy Summer months.

    Busy moms who need an excuses to make you Non- Negotiable.

    Anyone who wants to build your booty and feel amazing this Summer!

    Wants to learn how to “Eat for Purpose” and Shred this Summer.


    Who Can Do the Challenge? 

    That is why I LOVE the challenge. Anyone, Anywhere, Any Level, Any Age, everyone can rock squats. Fun for the entire family!

    There are SO many variations so there is always a variation to fit your level. Newbie to advanced fitness star, there is a variation for you. Included in the Ultimate Summer Shred Squat Plan are 94+ squat variations so you will get to try new ways to squat (new squat variation every day).

    Best Part is, you now have over 94 variations to add into your workouts throughout the year! 




    Follow the Plan = Feel Confident in Your Bikini this Summer!

    Here is a glimpse of what you get with The Ultimate Summer Shred Plan:

    • 94+ Squat Variations to keep your body (and booty) responding + photo descriptions.
    • 94+ Squat Variations to incorporate into your workouts all year long.
    • Ultimate Summer Shred Summer Diet- Eat for Purpose all Summer long.
    • What to eat and when. Take the guessing out of what you “Should be eating” and start eating for RESULTS.
    • Flexible menu providing food swaps and options throughout each week.
    • Favorite Ultimate Summer Shred recipes compatible with the menu.
    • Ultimate Summer Shred Cardio Program- Cardio routine for all Summer.
    • Ultimate Summer Shred Stretching and mobility routine.
    • Ultimate Summer Shred Supplement recommendations.


    • Ultimate Summer Shred 7-Day Diet- Shred in ONLY 7 Days. Perfect for a vacation or Summer BBQ when you want to look your best!
    • 15% off Devotion Nutrition products ALL Summer Long.

    You have been falling victim to the Summer crazy! Beach parties, BBQ’s, vacations, juggling kids, etc.

    With all the success from my Summer Squat Challenges, the past few years, The Ultimate Summer Shred Plan is meant to accelerate your Summer goals and give you structure, while blasting fat this Summer!

    What you can expect from The Ultimate Summer Shred Plan?

    94+ Squat Variations with visual and written instructions. New squat variation to add every day and incorporate into your workouts throughout the year.

    Summer Diet Utilizing my Eat for Purpose strategies to keep you on track and shredding all summer long! You can’t out squat a bad diet so I want to be sure you are fueling properly and shredding body fat while building the booty!

    Stretching & Restore Routine will keep you in good form and squatting all summer long. This is key to any successful training plan, Included is an effective stretch and restore routine to keep your muscles happy and injury free.

    24/7 Support & Motivation in our Summer Squat Challenge Facebook group. It can be so easy to lose motivation, especially during the summer months when you have so much going on. Having others that are right there with you, rocking our Summer Squats will ensure you stay on track and fired up all Summer long.

    7-Day Summer Shred Diet to get you ready for vacation or perfect for a post event detox jump start plan.

    Recipes to go with your Summer Shred Plan. You will never be bored when you learn how easy it can be prepare yummy meals. When you are excited about your food you stay on track and that means shredding all summer long, Guaranteed! Learn my winning approach to what I call “simple creative” cooking.

    Live Check ins with Gina to be sure you are staying on track and shredding all Summer long.

    Plan includes your 15% off discount code off Devotion Nutrition products so shredding and fighting cravings will never be SO EASY!


    So what are you waiting for?! Rock your BEST Summer body ever with The Ultimate Summer Shred Squat Challenge Program. Your summers will never be the same!

    Only $67.00

    • ~ Sandra VanderLugt

    • The summer squat challenge last year really helped me so much it got me out there doing the squats every single day no matter what just getting them in and having so much fun and then the results, well they were amazing.

      Thank you for all you do Gina.

      ~ Scottie Loree Paul

    • I honestly looked forward to everyday waking up to see where everyone was squatting, I loved being able to get them in no matter where I was! And… the booty results were amazingly beautiful!

      ~ Gina Stowers

    • I LOVE my daughter’s Summer Squat Challenge because it gets me focused. SO fun to do them together too. Love the Father-Daughter Support! Thanks G!

      ~ Johnny Aliotti

    • No better time to get in my Summer Squats than on the dock. Loving me some Corji squats. LOVE your Summer Squat Challenge Gina! Keeps me on my game, making no excuses!! Even my pup loves them 😉

      ~ Kelley Fromme

    • Love the Summer Squat Challenge, poolside with my poodle always makes it fun! Thank you for making this challenge so fun and SO doable, even for us baby boomers 🙂 Ricky loves them too!

      ~ Brenda Campbell

    • David and I rocked our squats mid ride, LOVE our Summer Squat Challenge!

      ~ Ronnie Barrera

    • Despite my arthritis pain but it was totally low impact. I’m participating in #gfitsquats challenge (100 squats/day). Love it!

      ~ Jessica Torres

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