• The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan

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    Ultimate Accelerated Plan – New Year Challenge


    This 6 week program is intended to breakthrough old habits and create lasting results. Includes a 6 week flexible menu and circuit workouts with real time videos. This all inclusive program is meant to transform your body and mindset with easy to implement tools, recipes and more…



    Breaking bad habits and thought patterns constitutes one of the most difficult­ – but also most defining–steps you MUST take in order to reach your fitness goals. Unfortunately, most people fail in this regard because they just do not know how.

    It’s like they say: “If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

    As a TOP figure competitor, I understand what it is like to struggle against your own mind when trying to stick to a diet, and as a mother, I know the feeling of not having the time nor finding energy to get to the gym for a workout. I get it, which is why I developed a plan to address precisely those issues – a plan that is all about finally breaking through those barriers that hold you back from achieving your dream body!

    • Have you tried countless fad diets that leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless?
    • Do you feel like a prisoner to your old habits and/or negative thought patterns?
    • Does it seem impossible to change your ways no matter how hard you try?
    • Are you sick of feeling defeated by your own barriers and ready to crush your fitness goals ….without setbacks?

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