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    The Holiday Party Plan



    Your go to 48 hour Holiday Party Plan.

    Not sure what to eat the day of a holiday party? What about what to eat the day after you may have had a little more of this or that?  You work too hard to let yourself go but you also work too hard to not be able to enjoy yourself, without the post-party guilt.

    With the right plan and knowing what to do, you can go into any holiday party without stressing about the outcome of your choices. It’s simple,.. follow the pre and post party plan + event suggestions and you can en-JOY 100% guilt free!

    There is nothing worse than waking up feeling guilty, bloated and demotivated. This is the EXACT plan I follow and it has worked for me and will work for you too.

    Follow the plan —> Remove the stress of what do eat (or not eat)  —> Enjoy the Party —> Wake up feeling great!

    Use this Party Plan for any event or party you attend any time of year. Cheers!



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