Stop Procrastinating and Get it Done!

Procrastination is something we all face. So what do we do about it, how do we STOP procrastinating and finally start tackling our goals? Time Management is KEY!
I wanted to revisit one of my older podcasts because the information continues to be Relevant to my every day life!

Here are 5 tips that have helped me and I know will help you too!
5 Tips to Help you Stop Procrastinating…
1. Make a To Do List.
2. The MINUTE something pops into your head, get it done! “If you just did when the first thought came into your mind, it would already be done.”
3. Have pride in checking things off your list. Get excited to cross each and every “to do” off your list.
4. One thing at a time… This has been and continues to be my mantra. Focus on “One thing at a time.” I tell myself this every day and it works! Rather than focus on ALL you have to do, take it one thing at a time.
5. STOP saying “Tomorrow”. If you always say “tomorrow”, tomorrow will never come…
What are some things you do to fight procrastination and once and for all, get things done and checked off your list?
Declutter your mind and make it happen once and for all!
Yesterday you said “tomorrow”, Today you will Say TODAY!!