Hope you are having a great kick off of the week. I am deep in reflection mode (when am I not) but even deeper this week since I turn the chapter and celebrate my 35th birthday this weekend.💫

⁣I always love to take a look at my previous year, things I want to celebrate and also things that I may want to change for my next 365 days … 💫

⁣I have some shifts happening in my life and all things I feel so blessed to be experiencing. With change comes so much growth and awareness. How we see every twist and turn is completely up to us and our perception of any event. 💫

⁣There are so many things out of our control and so many unknowns but one thing that we know for sure is that the past and future have no power over us. 💫 ⁣

When things seem overwhelming or our minds try to latch on to the past or future, it’s time to refocus on what is immediately in front of us.⁣ 💫 ⁣⁣⁣

It’s easy to get paralyzed by our past or intimidated by our future but one thing that really helps me is to focus on one thing at a time or as some would say “eat the elephant one bite at a time”.💫⁣⁣⁣

When your mind starts to wander into the past or drift into the future, it’s time to reign it in and focus on the only real thing we know to be true, what is right in front of us –NOW.⁣💫⁣⁣⁣

Just a reminder to not get frustrated or distracted by the extra BLT’s you had over the weekend or a choice you made years ago. Every single choice, shift and shake is all part of your story and what makes you who you are!Take control of this week, focusing only on what matters and is truly authentically real and that is this moment right now. ⁣💫

⁣⁣⁣My personal mantra this week, as I finish 34 strong and prepare for the best version of me ahead … Presence over Perfect Always! Thank you all for being a BIG part of my life. You all continue to bring me so much joy and purpose.

I am excited to share more about all that is to come with my next best version of ME. 💫 ⁣

❤️⁣ Gina