Preparation Begins in the Kitchen…

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  1. Lucy says:

    I got to put this to practice tonight. I added a large tub of fresh cut veggies to my weekly prep yesterday and it was great to have that go to snack to keep my mind and mouth busy while I was cooking dinner and hungry. But it worked! Kept me from nibbling on the wrong foods. So here’s a challenge I face… what do you do if your roomate stocks their half of the fridge with all those things you shouldn’t eat? Ice cream, nut butter, breads, cheese…Just tonight, my roommate was planning on baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Any tips???

  2. Gina says:

    Awesome job on practicing the preparation and beginning with your success in the kitchen!!! See how helpful it was to have those veggies on hand and go for those as munchies as you were cooking dinner!!?? Makes things so much easier and doable, huh…. Oh Lucy, now that is definitely a challenge with having the foods, out of your hands, in your kitchen but it can be as easy as if it is not yours don’t touch it. I am sure you buy your own groceries and your roomie buys hers and I am assuming you wouldn’t want her to dig into your pre cooked meals that you have laid out for the day, would you… Then same goes for her, I am sure she doesn’t want you to go for her items so it can be as simple as keeping your mind that her items of off limits! Kind of funny but it is common to take your cravings and put them into baking for someone. Almost seeing them enjoy is just as good. There you go, start baking and allow your roommate to enjoy!!! Just be sure you have your veggies handy so you don’t go for the dough. Win win, make your roomie happy and satisfy cravings… 🙂

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