Hello Everyone, so my long overdue pregnancy update is here.. I am taking progress photos this week so will post those Wednesday or Thursday. Things are going really well but the truth is there has been a lot going on and I have really been trying to spend less time online and turning inwards enjoying my last few weeks, months of pregnancy before baby David arrives. Things are going great with my journey! Feeling great, still getting in my workouts, toned down, of course, but still aiming for 3-4x/week of something beyond my walks/swims. I am still quite the “fish” these days, really enjoying the water. I feel so much lighter in the water it actually feels really good. It does take more of me to get to the pool than the gym, since it is not my usual form of exercise, but once I get there, I enjoy it and after I am done am so happy I went. My goal is minimum of 40 laps and anything else is bonus. I typically end up doing 44 (last 4 laps being sprints). See even in the pool, I get stuck in my ways and create my little routine. I do 20 straight, then rest for a few then hit another 10 rest then the final 10 and finish off with my bonus 4 sprints and more if I feel up to it…. Because of the weather and time changing, I am getting in earlier than I was. I was going after the p.m. crowd around 6:30 but not the best time to go is between 12 and 3 so that is what I have been aiming for and it has been working really well. Now a days I am enjoying being home for the evening with a fire and our tree that we just put up. 🙂
I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! I knew it would but it really has flown by!!! I am really excited but really trying not to be overly anxious because my due date will be here before we know it!!! It is crazy to watch all my girlfriends who have been pregnant with me deliver… I have one more, due this week, then I am next in line.!!
My stats:

Currently 32 weeks and 5 days
Baby D is the size of a “honeydew” (19 in. 4.5 pounds) according to What to Expect Ap.
Countdown: 7 weeks 2 days!!!
Total weight gain: approx 10 pounds  (low but measuring correctly, per the doctor)
Feeling: Amazing!!! Energy is a 10 in the morning but as the day goes on, I start to feel a bit more “pregnancy”/ “big”/ and less mobile. It is definitely important to get the majority of my things done as soon as possible, when I have the most umph. 😉
Cravings: Not really! Still my moments of craving Ketchup , which I have over just about anything and everything 🙂 Other than that, things have been pretty consistent with my typical meal plan.
Best thing right now: Feeling David Move inside me is absolutely amazing!! I feel him and can actually see the movements through my clothes and it is completely unreal and indescribable!! Love Love Love it! 🙂

Here is a rundown of the past month or so…
Michael’s grandmother passed away, which was really sad for the family. We spent a few weekend up in the bay area while she was in the hospital and then back up for her memorial services. It was sad but she had an amazing long/healthy life, which is all we can ask for!
Thanksgiving was great. I enjoyed a morning workout with my girls (Traci) and Laurie then went to Traci’s family’s house before spending time at the Firehouse for dinner. Michael was working so Thanksgiving this year was at the Fire Station 😉

Unfortunately, I did come down with a 24 hour flu on Saturday which was NO fun!! I was in bed ALL day! I had the aches, fatigue and literally needed to stay in bed to rest. Rest did me some good because I felt 90% Sunday and 100% today. Luckily it was a short lived flu and passed as quickly as it came!
I have been sleeping well throughout the night, which if you remember, is unusual for me since I was waking up for several weeks during my 2nd trimester between 2-4 every morning to eat my first meal!! As I type that today was the first time in several several weeks that I did wake up early!
Today’s menu:
Meal #1: Protein Shake & 1/2 cup oatmeal
Meal #2: Quest Bar & Apple
Meal #3: Quest Bar
Meal #4: Crock Pot Chicken & Salsa
Meal #5: Protein Pancakes with sugar free jelly (another little craving)
Meal #6: Veggie Egg White Omelet with garlic and basil
Meal #7: No carb Protein Pancakes with SF Jelly
Today I was unable to get in a workout but have plans to the next few days… I was able to get in my swim and went for 45 minutes and a total of 50 laps. I wasn’t feeling it because it was a bit chilly out but again, once I got there, felt great and felt even better once I was done!
Until mid week with my next photo updates & an update from the doctor… Thanks for following!!