When you were a clild do you remember just doing as you felt like doing without any second guesses or thoughts about “well what if ______ or what if ___________”. Of course, you were in your own playground doing what it was you wanted to do because you had nothing holding you back and no fear! When you were young, if you were able to look back and ask yourself what you wish you would have done that you didn’t do, the answer would have probably been, “I did it all! I played legos when I wanted, rode my bike when I wanted, played on the swing, played with friends, got my feet, jumping in the puddles, etc.” Now, years have flown by and if you reflect upon your life now, do you still have that same “I did it all” answer? Probably not! As we get older there are more things that hold us back and keep us from “playing in our playground”. If you think about the things you wish you would have done, stop thinking and start doing! It is never too late to do those things you wish you would have done! Achieve your dreams, take risks, live fearlessly and create your vision! Just act and go for it!