Hi Gina,
What are your thoughts on Paleo diets?
Great Question!! My thoughts on Paleo… I get asked this a lot! First of all, I believe there is Good in every plan. I also believe not every plan works for everyone! There is no standard to how everyone should eat! I believe it is all about finding what works for YOU! Taking the good from each plan and creating your own “____________ (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE)” Plan.
I love that the Paleo emphasizes whole foods, grass fed meats, unprocessed foods, no sugar and basically anything that comes from Mother Earth. It is a great concept and makes sense to eat things that are not altered in anyway. I am also not a dairy lover so do agree with the no dairy on Paleo. However, I do believe in whole grains (love my oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, etc) and legumes. I also am a big healthy fat lover! I eat tons of avocado, healthy oils, seeds and nuts but am not for the saturated fats (animal fats, butters, etc) Paleo tends to be okay with higher fats (saturated and unsaturated) but avoids grains, etc.
Eating a variety of fruits (in moderation), Veggies, Lean proteins, tons of seafood, nuts/seeds, healthy fats and a moderate amount of healthy carbs/legumes while avoiding sugars, processed foods and eating as much grass fed/free range/fresh water as possible, that is an excellent “Gina Approved” plan.
Again, take the good from every plan and find what works for you to create your own plan!!
I hope that helps! Have an amazing day and thank you for being a part of my page!