Good Morning! I hope everyone is staying healthy!! I have several people that are either sick, on the verge or just getting over something. I guess it is that time of year. I am one of those that has now surpassed the “verge” and trying to fight this darn winter cold! A few days ago, while doing cardio, thought it was the crisp, freezing air that was causing throat burn but then realized it was a sore throat. Of course, the crisp freezing air doesn’t help but it is more than the climate and more physical! It is amazing how it affects your cardio levels on a physiological level. You feel as if you have the endurance to go but your throat is burning and you just can’t! That deep breath that gets you through those most intense moments, just doesn’t work anymore and you realize no “deep breathing” is going to get you through and it is time to step away, be done, and mentally let it go. It can be the hardest thing, when you are feeling a bit under the weather, to “let it go” but you must rest in order to get better and be able to regain that deep breath again! If anyone is in that same boat, having captured that “winter cold”, don’t try to push yourself over the hump otherwise the hump will just get steeper. This is a situation where pushing yourself past your limits can do you more harm than good! As hard as it is to shift mindsets and not push yourself or overcome that hump, it has to be done because the only thing that will get you over is pure rest! In the midst of the winter bug, just getting over it or on the verge, Rest! If you have surpassed the bug, be appreciative of that breath and breath deeply for all of us that are in the boat resting!
Do you ever get the feeling that you should be doing something other than what you are doing? You know that you are maybe not making the best decisions and you feel guilty but you do them anyways? Maybe you are doing something out of duty to someone else or duty to family? Regardless of what your “duty” is, remember to listen to your conscience. It’s telling you that you’re getting off track and you have that inner feeling of the slightest guilt, acknowledge it. Your conscience has a mind of its own and it knows what you like, where you are headed, where your priorities are and if you make a poor decision. If you get that feeling that you shouldn’t be doing something, that is your conscious speaking to you! When you think you can get away with something, even if nobody is looking or knows, remember that the one thing you can’t get away from is your conscious. It is always there and always knows what you are doing! It can be your best friend or worst enemy! If you learn to embrace your conscious and see it as your best friend that will always set you free, you will have a best friend right there with you for life. If you decide that you are going to go against your conscious, well then you may have that annoying dreaded friend tapping on your shoulder 24/7. When you plan your day and make decisions, make sure it is in line with your best friend, “conscious”. That conscious is YOU, that inner you that is always with you! Right when you think nobody is looking and you think you can scoot by without anybody knowing, think again…
Using the excuse that you have to cater to family or cater to this person or that person out of duty! Think again because if your conscious is telling you, regardless of your duty, that it is not in line with your priorities, you should reconsider! So often people do things because they feel obligated or they want to please others but in reality, as they are Pleasing others they are displeasing themselves. How can you enjoy pleasing others when the entire time you are doing so, your conscious is tapping at your shoulder and you have that guilt that you went against it. As the holidays are in full swing and you surround yourself among friend and family, don’t disregard what that inner conscious is telling you! It knows. It knows where you are going, the decisions you are making and if they are in line with your goals! Regardless of those around you or what you feel your “duties” are, remember that your first duty is to yourself! Be dutiful and aware of YOU as #1 and then you can please, entertain and be dutiful to others, while going after your goals!
Have an amazing Day!
Rest if you are in my boat and remember to be Dutiful to YOU!