The Yo-Yo Diet is nothing by a constant cycling of gaining and losing weight. Don’t you want to free your mind of this cycle!! It can cause unnecessary stress in your life! Not only bring about frustrations that cause you to go crazy but  it also has very real and harsh physical affects on your body. It is about time we take the Yo-Yo out of your diet and shed yourself of this once and for all!  Commit to stopping this cycle Today!
PATIENCE!! Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. Was Rome built in a day? Yo-Yo Dieting may seem appalling because following an unrealistic plan can cause you to lose weight faster but this is not for the longterm, this is temporary, as I like to call it, superficial weight! We all want things NOW, better yet, yesterday but when it comes to your health and reaching your fitness/weightloss goals, you really have to commit to allowing yourself the necessary time to get there. If you want Longterm success and your goals to last, don’t we all, you need to be patient! If you are tempted to lose those unwanted pounds for your best friends wedding, in two weeks, your best bet is to use that as motivation to get yourself going rather than using that as your goal date to reach your goals! Patience!!!
Change your Mindset. It is time to look at food differently. It is time to have a real, healthy relationship with food! See food as a blessing, something that can energize and make you healthy. Seeing food as the devil is not the best thing to do. Food should be your best friend and you need to love your food. It is just knowing when to eat it and what kind. Poor food choices, mindless eating, over eating and under eating are not your best friend but food itself should be. Learn to love your food and see it as nourishing fuel leading you to your goals,  rather than something that is Keeping you from your goals. Change your mind to reach your goals!!
Accept that it is a lifestyle change. You are hearing this more and more lately but there is validity to this concept. The reason you see people get in shape and stay in shape is because they embrace healthy eating and living as a lifestyle. Once you can take on this mindset, your mind and body will be forever changed. Think about brushing your teeth, do you do this on a daily basis without thinking about it? Well of course! Why do you do this? You don’t know any different, you don’t think about it, it is just what you do. This is how the lifestyle will be, once you start embracing it and forming those habits.
Once you embrace the Lifestyle Plan, you can wave good bye those long gone days of harsh diets that get you nowhere!!
Stop Counting Calories. Here, we do not count calories. Yes, you need to be aware of what is going into your mouth but don’t focus on micro calorie counting to the point where you drive yourself crazy! You do want the overall big picture of how much you are eating but what is going to keep you mentally and physically healthy, for the long run, is focusing on portions and what you are eating rather than counting. Stop being a mathematician and start being a Lifestyler!
Love & Accept Yourself!  Start by loving yourself right now for who you are and where you are in your fitness journey! You are amazing, you are beautiful and you are your unique version of you! From there, commit to making changes. Remember that you are human, aren’t we all!! You will have great days, you will have days that you may make a mistake or have a little too much of this or that but it is okay. Only time to learn and move on…  Don’t beat yourself up just keep on moving.
Keep up the great work and focus on these tools to keep you on track with your long terms permanent changes! You can do this! Ditch the Yo-Yo and start Living the Lifestyle!
Learn ALL the tools, how to get started and what steps to take in The Lifestyle Balance Plan Diet!