So the million dollar question is… What motivates me? I have been asked on several occasions, “what motivates you”? Well here is the dirty truth…
What motivates me…? in the past when I was asked in interviews “who motivates you”, I always had a hard time answering that question. The truth is not WHO motivates me but what motivates me. Honestly, I am motivated by a feeling… The feeling I have when I nourish my body with what it needs! The feeling I get when I eat well and exercise (even if it is just a little something) is what keeps me going. It is like a natural high I get when I eat clean and exercise my mind and body. Because of this feeling, over the years, it has become just what I do and who I am. Now it is just like brushing my teeth. I feel like living a healthy lifestyle, including working out, eating well, giving yourself YOU time, tending to your mind, things just all fall into place and all the answers get answered. Okay not really but it seems that way… With this being said, it is my mission to help people find this place…. The feeling motivates me and keeps me going. It has become ingrained in me and that is why I am able to maintain it. This feeling is something that stems in my mind and keeps me level headed. It changes my perspective on things. I think when people start to do things for themselves and not anyone else, it becomes a way of life. When things do things for someone else (hence where competing and the media can come in… “need bigger shoulders” “you need to be leaner” “you should do this”…) it can take over and take away from the reason you are doing things in the first place. I think people are so into doing things for others (spouse, friend, judge, what they see in the magazines, etc) and that is what DEmotivates someone. Once someone can just feel and go with that, it is infectious and starts to take over. How can someone deny a “feel good feeling”?! The feeling motivates me and now I want to share this motivation with others and help them FEEL what I feel so I suppose now what motivates me is YOU (the one reading this) and others who are ready and at a place to begin this journey!! We are all beautiful in our own ways and it is all about finding how to make that beauty come alive and for me this lifestyle is what does it!!
Wow, thank you for getting my mind going and making me think about what really motivates me. Sometimes we go on with our days and are so routine that we forget to take a step back and remember why we are doing something…
I know that was a lot of info so if I had to put it bluntly, what motivates me? It’s a Feeling I get that is addicting and keeps me going back for more and now just trying to pay it forward to each and every one of you. ūüėČ
So now I ask YOU the million dollar question… What motivates YOU??
Big hugs!!!