Q: Hi Gina!! I have a quick question: Is it possible to lose both bodyfat and SOME muscle (mainly off my arms and legs- but all over too) at the same time, and if so how? Geneticly, I have always carried a lot of muscle, and it doesn’t go anywhere wheater I workout or don’t. I would really like to lose some muscle off of my legs and arms primarily, along with body fat of course!
A: Hello and Great question! Yes, it is possible to lose both body fat AND muscle. It all depends on your training and nutritional program. Again, it is hard for me to answer such a general question, without knowing what you are currently doing. There are SO many variables and so many things that come into play! It is really a matter of decreasing overall density of muscle size and again, it is a fine line. You have to remember that as you decrease muscle your body composition will change. It doesn’t have to mean that you are gaining body fat but when your body appears softer and less dense, it may mentally feel that way. It is about mentally understanding the differences in the muscle density vs. body composition. You can do several things with your training and nutrition to keep your body coming in how you like and streamlining your physique in all the right places. More than anything it takes time and patience and of course, some trail and error…
My suggestions is you consider more circuit training, faster paced workouts but still utilizing some resistant training, similar to the circuit training workouts posted on the site. I would consider taking up running and see how your body responds. Definitely focus more on the endurance side of things and less on concentrated isolated exercises. You may want to consider taking Yoga as well, elongating your muscle bellies. Finally, nutrition nutrition… that is where it is. You need to play around with your nutrients and start by shifting your protein and fat intake, decreasing protein slightly and increasing fats (good fats) slightly. Remember that you want to do things in moderation but also you want to moderately change things and then give yourself 4-6 weeks to see how your body responds.
One KEY component is to remember that you must get in your workouts and keep your cardio in your daily program. With muscle density comes a higher metabolism and when you down size muscle, you need to continue to keep your metabolism revved up with getting your heart rate up AND getting in your healthy meals every few hours to keep your metabolism going!
Again, a very general question and answer but yes, it can be done! Hope that helps and offers you some continuous motivation to keep digging deep!