So today, what is on your agenda?? I am sure you have already thought about what you are going to do to be active and also what types of choices you are going to make on your diet! Diet, did I say diet???? NO I meant, Nutritional Program better yet, your Lifestyle Balanced Plan! You will hardly ever hear me refer to the word “DIET”. I cannot stand that word because this is not a diet we are on but a way of life! We can refer to the Greek word where “diet” originated, “DIAITA”, which means “prescribed way of living” another words, “way of life”!! That is what I am talking about! We are NOT on a Diet rather a Diaita!! Today and always we are one with the Greeks!!

“DIET” This is where people go wrong! This is not a “diet”, but a way of life!!
I hear people’s concerns about how boring it may be, or how hard it may be to follow a “diet”. Well of course, If I followed a “Die-T” I would be scared too! Remove that words and suddenly it becomes doable and less intimidating! What it comes down to is getting rid of the notion that you’re eating for weight loss or for a temporary goal and instead eating because you like good food. Seriously, you can’t tell me that our food choices and recipes are not A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

The Greek word Diaita is how we need to look at our “diets” from now on! We are on a Diaita or a “way of life” nutritional Program, i.e. Lifestyle Program!! This is step one of changing your life forever, simply change your terminology and way of looking at your nutritional plan!! The next step is to make the plunge and commit, you need to have a reason why you want to make the change. When you KNOW why you are doing what you are doing, you have something to refer back to, in times of temptation. This reason should be something you put a lot of time and thought into so it resonates from a deeper emotional level than just for superficial reasons! This meaning you come up with has to have deep meaning to you. If you fall into temptations all too often, maybe you have not come up with a deep enough meaning of why you are embarking upon this lifestyle. Once you have given this some deep thought and know why, you are ready!
Now that you have a brief outline of what to do and why you are doing it… Here is a quick few steps to make this happen.:
1. Set a concrete reason why!
2. Remove the word “diet” from your vocabulary and replace it with “diaita” or “Lifestyle Nutritional Program!”
2. Commit to your new way of life, Begin your Diaita today!!!! 🙂
3. Clean out your kitchen, pantry of all old food that is not going to help you reach your fitness goals!
4. Go grocery shopping to replace those not so healthy foods! Shop along the perimeter!
5. Start with baby step, taking it one meal at a time, one day at a time!
6. Learn to be creative with your cooking!!! Enjoy all our healthy Recipes that are part of our Diaita!!
Today and always, we are one with the Greeks! Often we have to go back to our roots and the foundation of civilization to discover the truth behind meanings!!
Learn the foundation and Learn the true way of Living a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle with The Lifestyle Balanced Plan!!

Enjoy your Diaita today and remember how you look at things and how you think can completely change your way of living!
Here is to our way of living…