More on Over training- Part 2

More on Over training- Part 2

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  1. stefanie says:

    Hey, This article is very important… and true, I experienced this the last two days and just had to sit down and not train. I feel great today!!
    So glad I rested . I literally could not move on wed. Had to lay down and I never to that to busy with life, kids etc. So with two days of rest and fueled with healthy bites… I have completed all cardio this a.m. and have eaten my 1 meal. Yeah… Today will be a great day … I can feel it!

  2. Gina says:

    That’s my girl! Starting you day out with the right outlook and attitude! Glad you feel amazing and are ready to go. Yes, as a mother, wife, etc. you really have to be sure you are balancing out everything that is FOR sure. You have to have energy to do your motherly/wifey duties so rest is key so you can be on for you but also for them! I can feel it to, friday is here and it is going to be a great day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. *sigh* thanks Gina.

    That first paragraph is literally the voices in my head ALL THE TIME. Don’t stop Eryn……somewhere some other girl is NOT tired and she is DOING MORE THAN YOU! If you don’t keep going she will beat you! You are a champion…..blah blah blah.

    Sometimes this voice is my greatest strength……other times this voice is my worst enemy. I really struggle with this so I appreciate you making me feel that I am not alone.

    Sometimes I guess we all need to take that step back like you talked about at the beginning of the week, and re-asses where to leap next. I think a little gut check is in order every couple of days, ya know?

    Hopefully I will get to the point where I can take an off day and NOT feel guilty as heck though ๐Ÿ™ haha…..

    xo eryn

  4. Claudine says:

    “Champions are not made by ignoring your body, mind and heart but rather made by working with your body, understanding your body and treating it like a temple” That is one powerful statement Gina…

    Thank you for this post… I can relate to everything you said. Look at the week I just had… hmm! This is an eye opener and I’m so happy to have finally seen the light now. Many will go all their lives chasing their tales, frustrated and overtrained without seeing the expected results!

  5. Gina says:

    Glad you all can relate and grasp that we all face similar thoughts, processes, battles and situations!

    Just remember, as you are comparing yourself to others… Everyone has their own story, their own program, their own goals, their own limitations, set backs, etc. You CANNOT compare yourself because we ALL have our own stories to tell!

    It is so normal to have this voice and to learn how to cope with it and not get the best of you. NO you are NOT alone!

    Re acessing each week, each day is a great place to start. Really take the time to sit back and think for a moment where you are at mentally and physically and how thing are going. I suggest you journal so you can start to learn what is mental and what is physical, learn trends, things that may be routine, etc. We get so stuck in the moment that we forget to really sit back and just be, think, breath and be in touch with our selves. It is so normal and common to get on auto pilot that we forget to breath and feel.
    All in time, guiltless off days will come!!

    Glad to be able to shed a little light from a different perspective ladies! Claudine, I know you can relate! You said it,

    “Many will go all their lives chasing their tales, frustrated and over trained without seeing the expected results!”

    Eryn think about that statement, what if that girl you are looking at and comparing yourself is that girl… yet she is over trained and chasing chasing chasing, not taking time off yet you are comparing yourself to her. Something to think about… hugs!

  6. Erin says:

    Well, if this article isn’t timely, I don’t know what is. This morning I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the gym for some fasted cardio. I didn’t last long on the treadmill. I think my body started out whispering, then talking, then yelling and finally ended with some screaming. That’s when I got off the treadmill, did some much needed stretching and mental regrouping. Luckily for me I am definitely NOT someone that feels bad or guilty when I take time off. I got over that sometime in my 30s. When your body is yelling at you, you really have to listen. This much I now know. So I’m going to take a couple of days to rest up this li’l ol’ body and I’ll be back in action soon. Thanks for this great article Gina!

  7. Gina says:

    Glad this came at the right time!! Good for you!! Sounds like you know when to call it a day!! Okay so you got up, you made it there, you are going strong and hear the scream… that is how you know it is your body not mind, why… because if it was your mind, you wouldn’t of made it to the gym, maybe not out of bed and while you were plugging along … unless your body was screaming at you, you would of powered through because you made it that far, right??? Once you get going, you usually can power through! Glad to hear you are understanding the difference between well needed and deserved Rest time!! I am sure that the mental regrouping clarified that your body was one big body ache and it wasn’t your mind screaming at you! Glad you took a few moments to dig to find out where that scream was coming from, Erin!! With May right around the corner, with the weekend rest, you can start off the first part of the month with a bang! ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

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