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Hope everyone’s day is off to a great start!!! Just wanted to update you… Having a great day and the last of August energy is in the air! Started with a killer workout:
4 sets of over head squats, holding 25# plate

5 rounds of
30 assisted pull ups
30 20# dumbbell swings

100 four count flutter kicks
100 leg ups

1 mile run πŸ™‚

Then immediately ran into Jessica who was having a killer shoulder workout! Dang does she look amazing! … I was able to capture a quick few words from her…

Untitled from Gina Aliotti on Vimeo.


I chatted with her for a sec and found our conversation funny… wish we had this on tape. Jess is officially on the Gina wagon, addicted to Green Beans and broiled tilapia! that’s my girl πŸ™‚ Wondering how this is a lifestyle, because our healthy food is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! Addicted to veggies, that’s what I am talking about! And the journey continues…. Gotta love it! πŸ™‚

Then home to eat and work… Had a simple yet yummy post workout meal:
6 egg whites with 1/2 purple onion, 1 medium tomato, parsley and garlic, With a side of Rice cakes πŸ™‚
Simple and just what Gina ordered….

Keep up the powerful energy and have an amazing rest of your Monday!! It all starts right here, right now!