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    Mantra: Increase Self-Discipli..

    This weeks mantra is Improve Self-Discipline, something that needs to constantly be on the forefront..

    Chunk Chicken Shirataki Salad..

    Ingredients: -4 oz Premium Chunk Chicken Breast (Kirkland brand) -2 cups lettuce -1 cucumber, sliced..

    Mantra: More Done in Less Time..

    This weeks mantra is “more done in less time”. I believe getting more done has less to d..

    Weekly live Q&A Travel Fo..

    Q: Gina,How much of my success over the next three months is determined by the cardio portion? I kno..

    Mantra: Be A Messy SuccessR..

    This weeks mantra is Be a Messy Success. Why is it that if we do not accomplish something “per..

    August G-Fit Circuits + Squats..

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    Mantra: Feel the Force..

    This weeks mantra is Feel the Force. Through more reflection, one thing that has been sitting heavy ..

    weekly live Q&A 07-26..

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    Green Bean Cucumber Salad..

    Ingredients:  1 cucumber, diced 1 can of green beans 1/4 white onion, diced 10 cherry tomatoes, hal..

    Mantra: Reflect & Evolve..

    This weeks mantra is all about Evolving… We can spend our days doing the same thing and often ..

    Weekly Live 7-18 Summer Cold T..

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    Cold Summer Tuna Salad..

    Ingredients:  -1 cucumber -1 red bell pepper -1 roma tomato -1/4 onion-4-6 stalks of celery -1-2 TB..

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