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    G-Fit Full Body Circuit E..

    G-Fit Full Body Circuit E -10 side lateral raises with hold at the top, arms bent & kneeling (or..

    Tabata Shoulders & Abs- L..

    Tabata Shoulders & Abs *Remember tabata is 20 seconds 10 seconds off so you will do each exercis..

    weekly Live Q&A Glute str..

    Q: Hi Gina! Can you give me some veggie carb swaps? I’m thinking green peas, sugar snap peas, butt..

    Mantra: Spinning Wheel Syndrom..

    This weeks mantra is Stop the Spinning Wheel Syndrome. That is the wheel that you all have seen all ..

    July VIP Challenge Calendar..

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    July VIP Diet..

    It’s Summer and you know what that means, we follow my Ultimate Summer Shred, full Summer Diet..

    weekly Live With Cousin 6/27..

    Q: Is it ok for me to mix my coffee in my protein shake in the morning ,I just want to make sure it..

    Weekly Live Q&A 6/20 Summ..

      Q: How I can do to change my mindset about lifting heavy weights to get lean body , most of t..

    Mantra: Establishing New Non-N..

    This weeks mantra is all about establishing new non-negotiables. We have established non-negotiables..

    weekly Live Q&A 6-06..

      Q:  Hi Gina! Happy Summer (almost)! My question is: Have you ever done your “live FB” du..

    Mantra: Look Left..

    This weeks mantra is Look Left. I want you to look in the opposite direction of what is giving you d..

    Weekly Live Q&A 5-30 Dias..

    1- Is the Summer Shred for maintenance or weight loss? – Gina 2- My lower half doesn’t s..

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