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    Core & Cardio..

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    Mantra: Paying it Forward..

    This week is all about paying it forward and how giving to others and paying it forward, in the smal..

    Savory and Sweet Bagels..

    Ingredients 1/2 cup ground Oats (pulse your regular oats in the food processor) 3 egg whites.1 tsp b..

    Weekly Live Q&A – W..

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    Veggie Scramble Cups..

    Talk about simple! These veggie scramble cups are SO easy and can be made so many ways so you never ..

    Mantra: No Excuses..

    This weeks mantra I want to focus on No Excuses. One of my all time favorites, #NOEXCUSES. So many e..

    Weekly Live Q&A- Gratitud..

    Q: As you know I started the new UAP on Monday because I get to go to Maui, and then when I get back..

    Squash Carb Exchange..

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    Egg Roll Bowl..

    Egg Roll Bowl  Ingredients:  ½ C onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 bag of shredded cabbag..

    December Challenge..

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    Mantra- Do you First!..

    This weeks mantra is all about making you a priority FIRST. Before you do anything else, you must ma..

    Thanksgiving Survival..

    Can you believe that Thanksgiving is this week!? Have no fear, with proper preparation remember yo..

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