stresses fitness as more than “getting in shape” but rather a way of life, a lifestyle. There is SO much more than the physical or superficial components people think of when they think of getting or being “in shape”. We focus every day on creating habits that will last a lifetime. Habits that offering us freedom to live healthfully and mentally strong! Fitness and “in shape” is more than hitting a certain dress size or being able to beat physical records. Fitness begins by shaping your mind and building that mental toughness that carries over into ALL areas of your life, creating a foundation for your future.
What is fitness and being in shape to you? Here, we want to stress the importance of being in shape on a much deeper level. You can train your body day in and day out but if you do not start with the basics and train your mind, you are not taking your fitness to that elite level.
March Madness is Upon Us!! This month is going to be dedicated to mental strength and discovering a ways to tackle and combat mental barriers.

Last month was our No Excuse Month and this month we are focusing on Mental Barriers. We are digging deep within our minds to discover ways to take on these challenges, learn tools to help us move forward, get back up and stay on board in the direction we are headed. Learning to combat mental barriers will create a superior fit and strong IN SHAPE individual!! How are you going to tackle your mental barriers?
Start thinking about what March Madness means to you and check back later for more information on our March Madness Challenge….