If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you’re interested in being someone who actually reaches your goals…

You probably someone who wakes up early with the most incredible intentions to get in your you time, whether that be going to yoga or getting in your gym (or home) workout yet somehow find yourself buried in your to do list that another day passes you by…

If you’re a parent, you especially FEEL ME! The list it goes on and on. I know from the minute I wake up the requests and needs begin. It is so easy to put ourselves last and allow ourselves to get buried by the demands of life.

Most of us put so much time and energy into caring for those we love that we don’t have anything left to put into ourselves. Suddenly sticking to your healthy routine becomes more of a challenge; and trying to accomplish bigger things feels more like a dream than a real possibility.

Now here is where the difference between those that reach their goals and those that don’t…

Those that reach their goals see that You Time as a Non-Negotiable

Those that don’t reach their goals see that You Time as “selfish” and something they don’t have time for.

The answer to finally reaching your goals is making you a priority and no matter what, making you a Non-Negotiable. See that time, as small as it is as part of your every day. Something you just do, just like brushing your teeth. Schedule in that YOU time and give yourself the approval that it is a necessity in your day. When you adopt a non-negotiable mindset, you will develop that resilience and finally make big changes in your body and in all aspects of life.


After you learn to adopt this mindset, you will thank yourself and I hope you give yourself the credit! It is NOT easy to start to see your YOU time, your workouts, your quiet space alone as a non-negotiable, especially when your daily list is a mile long but I promise, it will be the difference between finally reaching your goals and not.

when you consistently feel good about doing good things for yourself, you’re in the sweet spot of life. Your self-esteem will rise to an all-time high and just keep growing. And you’ll finally have the confidence to start taking those big risks in life—like undertaking the career you’re passionate about.

If you commit to this daily goal of self-encouragement, these 10 little checkboxes could make all the difference in your life. But you’ll never know unless you try.

When you make yourself a priority and see your you time as Non-Negotiable, that is when you will finally start to reach your goals.

Join my VIP where I help coach you on your journey to waking up and making YOU a Priority. The little bit of time invested in you will make all the difference.

You are Worth it,

You are Non-Negotiable.