Let’s keep the love flowing with our next 4 Love Lessons. I hope you are taking these to heart and implementing them, even just a few, on a daily basis. If only they had a Love major in collage or taught love as a subject, I feel we would all walk around a little bit differently. I definitely would have done a double major with a BS in Foods & Nutrition and LOVE ;). Let’s dig into our next 4 lessons, kicking things off with my absolute favorite…
Love Lesson #9. Make you Non-Negotiable.
It is so easy to put ourselves last and allow ourselves to get buried by the demands of life. Most of us put so much time and energy into caring for those we love that we don’t have anything left to put into ourselves. Suddenly sticking to your healthy routine becomes more of a challenge; and trying to accomplish bigger things feels more like a dream than a real possibility. This is when you need to love yourself enough to see that you time as a Non-Negotiable. It is the most selfless thing you can do. Make you a priority and no matter what. When you step up your love game and invite the Non-Negotiable mindset into your world, everything will change.  For more on this important Love Lesson click HERE.

You are Worth it,
You are Non-Negotiable.

Love Lesson #10. Stop Sabotaging Yourself out of Fear.
So often we are held back by the fear to try something new or the fear of failure. We are scared to get started or scared of the outcome if we don’t succeed. The truth is the biggest lessons and growth periods come out of fear. If everything was easy and you had NO fear, you would just go along your way living mediocre. When you become fearless, that is when you take things on and realize you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Growth comes out of fear. When you are fearful, that is a good sign that you are taking yourself out of your comfort zone and opening yourself up to learning more about you! Overcoming fear means taking stepping out of your comfort zone and see fear as an opportunity to grow. Give yourself the love you deserve and learn to FEAR Less and DO more.

Love Lesson #11. Faith it ‘til you Make It
You hear the quote “fake it ‘til you make it” and I like to say Faith it ‘til you Make it. When you have the faith that you will “make it”, you will. You have to have the faith that you ALREADY ARE and suddenly you WILL BECOME. If you tell yourself every day “I love my legs”, pretty soon you will have the full confidence and truly believe yourself that you have the most gorgeous legs you could ever imagine. The truth is, we look outside and see so many people who we think have it figured out but in reality, we are all just trying to figure things out. Have the faith that you too will “have it figured out” and over time you will! Maybe not because you actually do but because you have convinced yourself and it becomes your reality. Until then… Faith it until you Make it..

Love Lesson #12: Don’t Take yourself so seriously (laugh joke, have fun!)
In our house we have 5 Family Rules we want embed in our kids. The first one is “Have Fun!” In all that we do, we have to find the fun, otherwise what’s the point…
We tend to move along life with such a serious perspective. When we learn to laugh a little and enjoy the journey, suddenly the day-to-day hustle becomes more fun. Isn’t that what it is all about. If you keep this lighthearted perspective on life and keep the fun and humor in all that you do, everything will change. There are so many stresses in life, so many uncontrollable. Many that we create ourselves and many that are just a part of what we call “life”. We have a choice and the choice is ours. We can laugh or cry… When things get hard and I have those moments of feeling so overwhelmed by life and the daily grind of being a mom, entrepreneur, wife and a million other hats, I have learned my lesson that tears of laughter will do so much more for you than tears of sadness. When in doubt, change your perspective and laugh. When you learn to laugh your way through the madness, the madness suddenly doesn’t seem so “mad” anymore.

Love Lessons Parts 4 coming up next week …
Till then, please start to practice these lessons and keep your Love Game STRONG! 
Lots of love & respect,