“Failure”, a common term and seems to be a common topic but one worth reiterating and enforcing because it can make your break your mental state of being. Learning to break the cycle of feeling like you have been self defeated and a failure is a necessary component to ensuring success. Everything you do and experience, has a domino effect on your next experiences. Yes, as we experience life, we live and learn but it is necessary to take things to the next level by living, learning and improving. We ALL make mistakes in life. The goal is to make mistakes and learn from them so they either don’t happen again or happen less often. If you look back on the mistakes you have made, do you tend to learn from them or are they mistakes that are reoccurring? If you learn from them, great. If you find that the mistakes you have made keep being made, it is time to discover how you can learn and improve so they start to happen less and less. Perhaps you want to start a nutritional/training program but somehow you always seem to “fail” or fall off the wagon? You find that there are certain triggers that set you off track. The problem is, those triggers keep setting you off… If this is the case, it is time to examine those triggers or exactly what it may be that is causing you to get off track and learn how you can improve and take on these triggers so they don’t take on you. Mistakes made are not defining you, your success and you are NOT a failure! Mistakes made are applications or tools to be utilized for future experiences. Take on mistakes head on, learn and improve but remember mistakes are part of this journey!!