Labor Day Run Down

Labor Day Run Down

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  1. Jodie Mason says:

    So sorry to hear about your injury! Ouch! Hope it heals really really quickly!! Seriously do your burn 1000 cals in your 50 min cardio session? Oh my puts my workouts to shame girl!!

    What beach do u go to around San Diego? We loved La Jolla, can’t believe u can swim with sea lions, so amazing!

    Your meal plan looks like mine which makes me so happy 🙂

  2. Big bummer but staying positive and patient. Yes, crazy but I was getting 1000 cal with that incline and speed (18% and 4.8) broken up by 2 sessions 30/20. I was on a roll so a little bummed but my body is speaking to me.

    We actually went to Fiesta Island, which is a big area where you can bring dogs. The Bay is along the perimeter, so we just posted there and let Bruno play. It was a great day and avoided the Labor Day weekend craziness at the other beaches.

    Great day!! xoxo

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