Remember that typical phrase, you have to keep coals in the fire to keep the fire going? Yes, this is true and just as the coals keep a fire going, food keeps your engine running and metabolism sparked. As you enter into the heart of the holiday with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, less than 24 hours away, remember this concept and keep your fire burning. Rather than storing up your calories or banking them for that piece of pie you have been waiting to have all year, supply yourself with your healthy meals every 2.5-3 hours so your metabolism is up when you do take a piece of that pie. Eating throughout the day and eating right keeps that flame from dying down or out. When you’ve invested in your program and have been on a role, remember, your body is on fire and uses up nutrients as fast as you can put them in so don’t stop this fire! Starving yourself, even for a little while, takes your flame down a notch or two and is not very smart! You think you may be doing yourself a favor when in reality you are setting yourself back. Holiday pie or not, replenish your energy before your fire burns down. As your day begins and the holiday clock is ticking, keep for your fire burning from the minute you wake up until the minute you go to bed. Holiday banking is not the way to go, continue to eat your frequent small meals every few hours and keep that fire burning!!