Welcome to your June G-Fit Workouts! Let’s do this!! If you have been on board or joining us now, so excited to have you on board!! Getting into the best shape of your life means moving your body daily AND following a healthy nutritional plan!! It is a combination of BOTH weight training, cardio, healthy eating and a positive mindset that WILL yield results!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey!!
I really want you to see that it doesn’t take much and it definitely doesn’t take a gym!! I do ALL my workouts in the comfort of my home (garage) with limited equipment and want to share with you just what I do!!
Consistency as #1! Focus on small daily efforts that will add up to BIG results!! It really doesn’t take much but it does take doing something daily to move your body and of course supplementing your workouts with the proper nutritional plan!!
I will be uploading NEW G-Fit Workout videos throughout the month for a total of 8 fully detailed workouts a month! Check this link regularly for the updated workouts!! 
No matter what your Fitness level (beginner to advanced) you can cater ANY workout to meet your needs and I will show you how!
A few things to note:
-Commit yourself to doing 3-4 workouts a week! Feel free to repeat a workout or do another of your choice!
-Supplement our workouts with 35-45 minutes of cardio 4-5x/week.
-Push Yourself! With each workout, Dig Deep! Push yourself! The workouts aren’t long so do the best you can to really commit yourself to the short amount of time and give it all you’ve got!
Now… Let’s Do This! I am right here to help you and prove to you that YES you CAN do it!
Remember, “Success is the sum of SMALL efforts Repeated Day in and Day out!” Now let’s get G-Fit!!!
Circuit Workout #1:
[yt id=”ADu6C7DWNos”]
60 1/2 jumping jacks
30 opposite knee to chest, each side
15 one-arm rows
15 reverse grip rows
15 Squat with Kick
15 kickbacks, one side at a time and standing up tall
20 regular one arm row into a reverse grip row
Rest and Repeat 2x
Dig Deep!
Circuit Workout #2
[yt id=”Pa5YjC-xp-I”]
20 WindMills
20 weighted WindMills (light weight)
40 pulse squats
10 KB (or dumbbell) Thrusters
20 KB (or dumbbell) Swings
10 dumbbells press, touching in front of your face
10 dumbbell presses into a “V”
10 Arnold Presses
10 Alternating Press (R, L) together = 1 rep
Rest and Repeat 3x
Dig Deep!
Circuit Workout #3
[yt id=”TkMDXjKWBp8″]
25 minutes cardio (at some point today)!!!
10 Lunges (weighted or not)
10 weighted wide stance squats with glute squeeze at the top
10 lunge with side lateral raise
10 Alternating Shoulder Presses, palms facing ears
10 Shoulder presses palms touching and in front of your face
20 mini tricep dips
20 leg extensions
10 combo squat with bicep curl
10 combo squat with reverse grip front raise
30 second “horse pose” low lunge squat and hold
Rest and Repeat 2x
Dig Deep!
Circuit Workout #4
[yt id=”1xyJ1mtOE_4″]
20 Glute floor bridges
20 side lying leg extensions, foot flexed
10 floor glute squeeze hold with 2 count release down
30 second bridge hold
20 push ups off knees with 2 count down, 1 count
20 floor butt blasters
Rest and Repeat 2x
Dig Deep!
Circuit Workout #5
[yt id=”rvQUckMEtiM”]
15 one arm rows
15 rear delt fiy
15 single side lateral raise with 2 second hold at the top
15 push press (slight dip and press)
Rest and Repeat 3x
Circuit Workout #6
[yt id=”RlK_To8EvLA”]
warm up: 20 body weight squats
15 crossover front raise (diagonal front raise)
10 jump squats
10 reverse grip side lateral raise (all the way up and over head)
10 side to side jump squats
10 combo shoulder press super set with front raise on other side
10 side to side lunges
10 combo alternating presses (one regular one palm facing ear)
10 jump squats
Rest and Repeat 3x
Circuit Workout #7
[yt id=”uY278tZ9DMc”]
10 floor butt blasters with 2 second hold at the top for 2 seconds
15 glute squeezes with 2 second hold at the top
20 glute squeezes with foot elevated
20 downward dog leg extension with knee to chest
15 lying abductor leg extension
10 leg extension with opposite front raise off your knee (using light weight or no weight at all!)
Rest and Repeat 2x
Circuit Workout #8
[yt id=”0FcBPvYXCOM”]
30 mountain climbers
15 tricep dips, knee bent
20 mountain climbers
10 tricep dips, one foot over the other
20 mountain climbers
10 tricep dips, one foot over the other
20 mountain climbers
15 tricep dip with leg extension/rotation
10 shoulder presses, regular
10 shoulder presses, palms facing ears
10 shoulder presses, palms facing face
20 mountain climbers
Rest and Repeat 2x