Some call them “cheat meals” but we refer to them as “refuel meals”. These are meals that are essential and a key component to your fitness goals and success. It is important to refuel not only your glycogen stores but your mind!. A “refuel meal” will not hinder your progress but rather only help! Note, we do not call these meals “cheat meals” because we do not believe you are cheating yourself or our fitness plan. When we use the word “cheat”, we automatically think “cheating” and that means doing something wrong. I don’t want you to see refuel meals as cheating yourself because in actuality, done right, they are HELPING YOU! That is why we call them refuel meals.

When I say “refuel Meal” I am not talking about a full out binge but rather something that your body is craving or something that you like but is not on your typical daily diet plan.

If you have been following a set program, like the programs I have laid out in my e-books or in the G-FIT App,  refuel meals are all worked in the magical formula. A refuel meal is intended to “refuel” your mind body and soul, the meal will do nothing but help you with your progress and recharge your batteries!

When you do decide to have a “refuel meal”, I suggest still making wise suggestions. First of all, I suggest a “refuel meal” as laid out in the plan, typically on Saturday. That tends to be the day we may go out, BBQ, spend time with friends, family etc.  The goal is to still within reason and be smart!

While eating out, when at all possible, I suggest still modifying a meal vs. eating it as is. All the unnecessary extras sure do add up…. For example, If you are dying for a burger, maybe remove the cheese and mayonnaise and ask for a side salad instead of the fries. If you are craving pasta and whole wheat is an option, maybe you go for the whole wheat over white pasta. Pick marinara over alfredo is another great way to enjoy your amazing pasta without all the fat and calories.

You are still allowing yourself the burger, or pasta but making the best choices to still keep the calorie count and unnecessary fats within reason. Remember this is a time to ENJOY and REFUEL NOT Binge.

I also always suggest eating your “refuel meal” at home, if possible. You can pick your ingredients and often can get MORE bang for your buck with less calories. At home, you are more in control of what you put on your plate. The quality of ingredients affects how you feel so when you get to pick your ingredients it can make all the difference not only in the taste of the refuel but how you feel the next day.

You can make the most amazing burger on a whole wheat bun and with sweet potato fries. You can also make a super healthy thin crust pizza with tons of veggies and grilled chicken. You can get a lot more bang for your buck when you eat at home. You are still able to enjoy your “refuel meal”, but you know what you are putting in it and can still alter the meal to be much healthier than a meal out. When you eat cleaner you get to eat MORE = WINNING.

With that being said, going out to eat is also a fun way to feel like you are being social and able to go out, without worrying about being super strict. If you do choose to enjoy a refuel meal out, I still suggest you make smart choices. For example, If you are ordering pizza, maybe you ask for thin crust and light cheese.

This is one of my FAVORITE REFUEL MEALS: thin crust pizza with light cheese loaded with mushrooms, garlic and shredded asparagus. Give me a thin crust curnchy artesian pizza and load it with veggies and I am in heaven! YUM!


Depriving yourself completely of your favorite foods is a perfect way to make yourself miserable and risk the chance of falling of any fitness program. Isn’t it funny how we want things we “can’t have”. Suddenly if you tell yourself you “can” have this or that, you oddly don’t want it anymore. When you restrict yourself of foods, you want them and when you have them you can go overboard because you don’t know when you will get them again. Allowing yourself the opportunity to “refuel” your mind and body can keep you enjoying life while still reaching your goals. Imagine being able to eat pizza and still obtain the body you desire. Yes, it can happen. It is possible and I love showing you how you can have it all…

It really is all about the balance between staying fit and achieving your goals while still enjoying life! With proper balance, you can stay within in reasonable calorie intake and still enjoy those foods you have always loved so much.

5 Benefits of Refuel Meals:

1. Motivation to stay on your meal play throughout the week, giving you something to look forward to.

2. Free your mind of the stress that you “can’t” have something.

3. Spike your metabolism with the added calories.

4. Feel like you are still able to enjoy life, without restrictions.

5. Enjoy the things you have always loved but may feel like they are “not allowed” on a track towards reaching your goals training/diet plan.

 A few pointers for the days you plan a “refuel meal”

-Be sure to eat per our plans throughout the day leading up to your refuel. It is NOT the time to skip out on meals just because you are going to have a burger for dinner. Continue with our meal plan, I have it all strategically worked into our plans perfectly! 🙂

-Continue to eat every 2-3 hours.

-Be sure to get in your exercise for that day. Open the G-Fit App and get in your amazing workout I have planned. Knowing you had a killer workout will allow you to enjoy your refuel that much more!

-Be sure to make a few simple changes to your meal, as I suggested, still modifying it slightly so that you are not getting any excess calories or fat that doesn’t make or break the meal. When in doubt, remove what isn’t necessary…

-If you can, make your refuel meal at home! Get creative, find a good recipe, have fun, and enjoy the process of cooking and enjoying your meal! This is the time to have some fun, get creative, and try some healthy new recipes!

-Get right back on track after that meal and the day following.  Don’t allow yourself to fall in the trap of one “refuel meal” means a “refuel weekend”.

-Drink LOTS of water. Be sure to get in your gallon on the day of a refuel. We always want to be mindful of our water but especially when there may be added sodium in our meal. Headed out, you are sure to get more sodium than normal. Water is super important to flush out our systems and to keep the extra food moving through us so drink up!

-Keep your refuel a meal and then continue our plan the following meals and the following day.

Right back on the wagon is our Post-Refuel Mantra! 

Plan Wisely and refuel your mind, body, and pallet!! Remember, it is all a part of the G-Fit journey so enjoy, guiltfree!

In both my Ultimate Shred 365 and G-Fit App, the menus include a refuel.

In my tighter programs intended to blast body fat in 6 weeks, or 1 week if you are following my 7 Day Body Blast Refuels are not listed because we have different goals. 

and G-Fit App, where incorporate Refuel Meals into the plans to keep you on track while still enjoying all the things you LOVE (like Pizza and Wine)!

I will be sharing lots more on refuels to come. Be sure to tap into my YOUTUBE Channel for new Videos…