Daily Challenge Checklist:
🌟Follow along with today’s workout. Simply press play and let’s go!
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🌟If you are on Instagram, be sure to post and #7dayignitechallenge & tag me @ginaaliotti
🌟G-Fit Tip: Today, I want you to reflect on the choices you made the past 7-Days. Take a few moments to celebrate your success and this has NOTHING to do with the scale. Did you show up for our workouts? Did you drink more water than a few weeks ago? Were you more mindful of your BLT’s? Did you follow our menu and eat for purpose? Did you focus on your mind-muscle connection during our workouts? Did you surrender to our flow? Did you smile a bit more this week because you were proud of taking action?
I am proud of you for jumping on board this challenge. Even if you weren’t “perfect” you showed up better for yourself the past 7 days than you did the week before. That in itself is perfection!
REMEMBER: The ONLY way to keep your fire burning is to not stop. When you stop, you have to start over. The hardest part is having to start over and unstick yourself. We worked hard to get you into action and now all you have to do is show up
I hope to see you inside the G-Fit App so we can crush your goals all year long.
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♡ Gina

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