Daily Challenge Checklist:

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🌟G-Fit Tip: You were mindful of your mind-muscle connection, now I want you to be mindful of those BLT’s. I am not talking about a “Bacon Lettuce and Tomato” sandwich, I am talking about all of those Bites, Licks & Tastes. (BLT’s). These are all of the tiny bites, licks and tastes that you have throughout the day that all add up. People don’t realize that the bite of your kids Mac n Cheese, extra licks of peanut butter and tastes of those cookies your co-worker brought in the office DO ADD UP! Not only do they add up but they throw off the carb cycling plan I created for you.

We often don’t realize the impact these “tiny” BLT’s have on our overall goals. Day after day, they can add up and show up in the form of belly fat. 😩

REMEMBER: Every bite, lick and taste sure does add up. Often you don’t realize the mindless eating and snacking you are doing throughout the day. Today, I encourage you to write EVERYTHING down that you eat and drink. Even though you have our sample menu you are following, you will be surprised by the extra BLT’s that add up at the end of the day.

Have the best day ever beautiful friend!

♡ Gina