wow, what a day!! Very productive day and busy busy girl I was. I am closing things down for the night…as I said in my comments, … I did get the scoop from Michael and better yet he got footage and photos so rather than writing a novel, I will be posting photos and video footage tomorrow!! 🙂
Hope everyone had a great day, sounds like everyone did! We are moving right along this journey, steady and strong! Everybody did amazing today, even with comments of being “thin” from others, lol….
We are not Thin, we are not skinny, we are strong, healthy, fit and gorgeous!! thank you very much!
Busy day and one hungry girl. Got in all my meals but didn’t have as many veggies since I was so busy so that leaves one hungry girl, ready for dinner…
meal 1: oats, protein shake 1 tbsp natural almond butter
meal 2: quest bar
meal 3: Omelet (4 egg whites, tons of veggies, tomatoes, lime and quinoa)

meal 4: protein pancakes
meal5:protein shake 20 almonds
meal 6: sea bass with big gina salad
meal 7: shake or no carb pancakes 😉
check out the new bosu workout, as you all requested! 🙂
I have an exciting new project that I will tell you about tomorrow…
Until tomorrow. Sweet dreams (dream big)