-5 oz fresh salmon
-1/2 Maui onions, sliced
-1 cup green beans
-1″ thick sliced fresh pineapple
-1 artichoke
-1 tsp crushed red pepper
-1 tbsp Tamari Sauce
-1 tbsp olive oil
-slice of sour dough bread (optional)
-pepper to taste
-Place artichoke in steamer and steam until when leaf is pulled it easily comes off the stem. Once cooked, set aside.
-Prepare onions, green beans and place on foil. Add 2 tsp Olive Oil and coat all vegetables well.
-Place vegetables, in foil, directly on the BBQ grill.
-Cut Fresh Pineapple 1″ thick, in a ring shape, or you can use canned sliced pineapple
-Add Tamari Sauce to pineapple slice and place directly on the grill.
-Sprinkle crushed red pepper and black pepper over salmon filet and place on the grill, the top shelf if available.
-Watch all ingredients closely. Toss Vegetables while cooking and remove once slightly browned and onion is opaque.
-Watch Pineapple closely, flipping after 2 minutes and removing after about 4 minutes.
-Flip Salmon after about 5 minutes and cook for another 3-5 on other side until cooked.
-Remove all ingredients from Grill and place on serving plate. Add artichoke to and drizzle remaining olive oil over top.
-If adding slice of sour dough bread, toast and serve on the side.