Monday is here again, Geezzzzz… every time a new week begins, I swear it was just yesterday I wrote, “happy Monday”. You know what this means, Time flies!! Now imagine if last week you began committing yourself to a plan, a week has already gone by!! You would already be a week into it!! Now imagine if 4 Mondays ago you committed, what about 6 months ago… Time flies and before you know it you are well into your routine and far into your success!!! Today is a new Monday so if you are one to commit today, Today is your day and before you know it I will be saying “once again, Happy Monday Teamers”. Commit today and next week will be here before you know it, one week of success down in a jiffy!!
Today, I want to ask you a question?? What is accomplishment? What does this mean to you? Is it measured by the number seen on your pay check? By status or your level of fame? Or could success possibly come from the number of lives you touch? In today’s world, so many people are famous for just for being famous, it’s easy to get caught up in the search for being noticed, appreciated and recognized!! If making a mark is important to you and your idea of an accomplishment, remember: it should not come at the expense of your values and how you are! If you let it, you’ll end up leaving mark that was not intended to make! A mark that was truly not you! The greatest and most rewarding acts are the ones that are done when we think no one is looking. When you stop expecting recognition, thanks or anything in return, that is when you make a mark!!! The irony is the more you focus on this, the more you will make your mark!! Make your mark internally and allow it to shine externally! Accomplishments have their own meaning to everyone! Take today to define your idea of accomplishments and make your mark today by committing yourself to being “famous” without anyone knowing it! How do you do that? You commit yourself to YOU and you become famous! What do accomplishments mean to you?
“Winners take full responsibility for everything that happens to them – even when those things seem remote
and are not directly attributable to their actions. To achieve superior health, you must take 100% responsibility.”
Happy Monday everyone!!! Dig deep, we have another amazing week ahead! As we end June and chug on through into July, we need to end this month with a exclamation point!! Let’s make our mark!
Until later with more updates! 🙂