Happy Monday, here we go again…

Happy Monday, here we go again…

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  1. Hey lovelies!
    Just checking in on this gorgeous Monday. 2 weeks to go…..I’m feeling a little exhausted. Hoping to get a pep in my step to carry me through…..I’ve come to far to lose steam now!!! I’m digging deep as Gina says.

    I’m going to take another serious look at my own personal definition of accomplishment. I may need to reconsider some things after reading that. Thanks Gina!

    xo eryn

  2. Erin says:

    Eryn, you can do it! 2 weeks!! Woohoo! Did you find your pep in your step yet? I have some pep in my step today. Good for me! LOL!

    I’m with you on the accomplishment definition. That’s a great thought to think. Thanks for that one Gina! As Dr. Seuss says, “Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” 😉

    Thanks also for pointing out that it’s Monday again and how quickly your goals can be realized. Isn’t that amazing? When you put it that way, that next week you’ll be one week into your goal, it seems like a small piece to bite off. I guess that goes hand in hand with the mini goals. It’s funny that I’ve never thought of it that way. I’m loving my prep for that reason…each week a different meal plan, a different cardio goal, more posing practice, etc. So much to focus on and so many areas to improve each week!! I can see why girls get “lost” after their competitions! It won’t happen to me though…I’m working on my exit strategy! 😉

    Have a fantastic week girls!!!! Make it a joyful one!

  3. jenniferg says:

    Oh girls – so glad to hear that you have that pep and you are pushing thru! -Erin you need to post progress pics again ! i can’t believe your show is already next weekend! Dig deep girlfriend – you are in the final stretch! you got this

    and Erin that’s right girlie – you’ve got the exit strategy already in the bag because you prepared so well in advance – you will do this! i agree i never thought about how quickly goals can be realized. it’s so true to if you focus on the mini goals, weekly goals, daily goals, then before you know it they become habit and a lifestyle. Good luck on your goals each week!

    i definitely agree on the accomplishment definition – i’ve been thinking about this for few hours – all i can say right now is that my definition of accomplishment is not what it used to be. When i was younger and just started working – i will admit that I felt material things were a sign of accomplishment, how much money i wanted to make, how much stuff i wanted to buy, what kind of car i was driving – to me i used to think that these things proved accomplishment – you know a certain status that could only be achieved by working in the right job, etc.etc.

    now that i am wiser i realize that these things mean absolutely nothing and don’t prove accomplishment but simply what someone choses to do with their money. it’s not about how much money we make but rather how we chose to spend it or to not spend it that matters. someone making billions of dollars could have billions of expenses – it’s all relative and totally meaningless.

    Accomplishment to me is doing what YOU love to do. knowing that each day you are happy with your decisions and your life and that you are ok with your past mistakes because you were able to learn from them and become a better person.

  4. Gina says:

    Wahoooo Eryn only 2 weeks to go…..I know you are digging deep and par the course to just be flat BEAT Period. There is nothing more to it and I know exactly how you feel! No steam lost on this wagon though because the steam lost from you is the steam gained from us to keep you moving forward and chuggng along! You are doing awesome Eryn, just ride the wave now!!!

    I am glad everyone is reconsidering these powerful questions I am asking. SO many times we do lose forget or lose sight of what is “happiness” what is an “achievement” what is “success”, what is an “accomplishment”??? SO many questions we take for granted. We live every day and with society trying to define our definitions for us, we lose track of what exactly things mean to us! Everything you want, you have, it is just finding it within ourselves. Eryn, you have stem it is just lost and needs to be found…

    Love that quote Erin!!– “Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” 😉

    Erin, glad you are already working on your Exit strategy, that is my girl! seems so far but really time flies, as we are seeing every day!! If you look at things in a weekly, daily fashion, you see how quickly goals can be reached! Yes, mini goals and that is the point of them! They keep you focused, pushing and feeling accomplished with each week! New focuses keep us excited, motivated and going!!

    Everyone is doing awesome! Every day we are reinforcing this lifestyle with ease! You don’t even realize it but all the decisions and choices you make everyday are setting you up for a lifetime of success! This is the lifestyle ladies, everyday, day in and day out, new goals to focus on, pushing hard to reach them and digging deep to find the steam from within! We ALL have it in us!!

    Jenn, I hear you, funny how our definitions change as we get older, live and realize just what is important, at the end of the day!!

    I hear you and you are so right! Love the quote, “more money, more problems” or I think it is actually, “mo money mo problems”. At the end of the day, does it matter what you put in the bank or what you drive, NO!! What matters is quality time with loved ones and being happy! An awesome cardio workout puts a smile on your face, right!! That makes you happy (well most of the time) and that is priceless!!

    “doing what YOU love to do. knowing that each day you are happy with your decisions and your life and that you are ok with your past mistakes because you were able to learn from them and become a better person.” — LOVE IT!!

    Accomplishments can be the smallest things to the grandest things depending on what it is to you… ??

    Love you all! xo

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