Good Morning, Happy Monday! For several people, the holiday weekend continues, for many the journey continues and for several, the journey begins!
4th of July didn’t really seem like the 4th, here in SD, with the Fog Never lifting! ūüôĀ Nothing like a bbq or holiday when the sun isn’t shinning bright. We spent the day just r&r’ing, not doing much so it was a total chill day! Have to have those days every now and then!! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday or for those out of the country, enjoyed your weekend!
Priorities, Planning and Preparation! Those are the essential keys to any successful fitness program. This week I want everyone to focus on planning your time wisely! It is ALL about time management! If you manage your time, you are managing your success!! It is important to block out time for focus on your top priorities and things that HAVE to get done, each day! In order to block out this time, guess what you need to block out quite time to schedule your day. So remember to block out time to be able to prioritize and block out your top priorities for the day. I like to make a list for each day and then a weekly priorities list. You may not of ever needed to make lists but as you embark upon this journey, you will find them essential and absolutely necessary!
Take time every day to plan. From there you know what you have to do and you just have to make the time and get it done…
We are beginning a new week… Congratulations to everyone on all your success and for those beginning your journey today, let’s do this!! All Aboard….
Jess– I know you are one of the many beginning your Journey. I want to congratulate you for committing to yourself and to this amazing journey! I am excited for you. You have everything it takes! Believe in yourself and shoot for the stars!
We will be checking in with Jess later today and continuing on our documentation of her Journey, what it takes and my one on one guidance, helping her achieve her goals!
Have an amazing Monday!