Good Morning and Happy Friday. It is the day before Halloween and I can start to feel the weather changing. Winter is in the air. It is even starting to get darker earlier. I am ready for a change in the weather and a shift toward the warm fires at night and cuddling up with a blanket! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the warm weather but there is something about the shift of winter and the homey/cozy comfort feeling that comes right about this time of year. Once Halloween passes and you start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, Winter sets in. I am not a huge fan of Halloween and actually don’t have any plans. I am working throughout the day and may make a creative Holiday meal to enjoy.
I hope everyone had a fabulous week and are ending the month on a positive note. I can not believe November is right around the corner. I have posted several new recipes, a few videos and articles, check them out. Remember to keep your comments coming and share your thoughts in the forum! I am enjoying getting to know you better and being able to communicate one on one throughout the posts.
Have a fabulous Friday and if anyone is doing anything fun for the holiday or has any fun and interesting holiday recipes, please post. Check out my popcorn balls… Delicious!Happy Halloween!
Fun times out in SF … You never know who or what you are going to fun into! 😉