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Good Morning and Happy Friday to everyone! I am sure you notice some changes in the navigation within the site. We are reorganizing the information, hoping that it will make your searches and navigating easier and easier, as the site and content continues to grow. Keep in mind, as the navigation has just changed, it is going to take some time to re-post the past posts into the appropriate sections so thank you for your patience. I will take you through a brief navigational tour soon to reiterate how the site runs, how to navigate through and where to find and post info…. We are excited to continue to polish up the site and continue to make improvements! As one of my big believer in utilizing the Japanese philosophy “Kaizen” meaning “improvement” or “change for the better” and refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement… Kaizen is an important and essential principle and philosophy that should be used in all areas of our lives! Isn’t that what we are striving for…. Kaizen: constant improvement!?

It is going to be a beautiful Friday!

Today, I want you to reflect on something….

Don’t be afraid to Speak up and take control of situations! It is normal and so common for people to feel uncomfortable being assertive, afraid it may come across “rude” or “harsh”. If you do not stand up for yourself and speak out for yourself, this can often lead to others taking advantage of you. Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t say something because you might hurt someone’s feelings or you are afraid to say something, thinking that “that person knows what they are talking about, I shouldn’t say anything..?!” Are you picking up slack, in one area of your life or another? While it is important to serve others often, there is room for you to stand up for yourself, be assertive and not allow yourself to be walked over. Just be sure you are not being taken advantage of in any situation, mentally, emotionally, or physically! If you feel that being assertive is a negative quality and are afraid of what others will think when you stand up for yourself, think again…. In reality, making your voice heard and speaking what is on your mind, of course in a mature and polite manner, is a trait that will take you far and build respect among others!

If something is on your mind or you feel like you may be taken advantage of in one area or another, don’t be afraid to be assertive and follow your heart.

“The basic difference between being assertive and being aggressive is how our words and behaviors affect the rights and well being of others.”~Sharon A. Bower

Happy Friday!