Good Morning Everyone! The end of the week is upon us, any travel plans??? Several of us are traveling this weekend, myself included. I have posted some travel tips and a travel check list thank you Nikee for some of your travel suggestions! Preparation preparation preparation is key! Today, what will I be doing, Preparing!! In this situation, more is better~! Better to be over prepared than under prepared, while traveling! So for today, throw on those chef hats and baking gloves and let’s get to work! I stocked up on the essential crunchy snacks so I am good to go with my free foods: Jicima, Celery, cucumbers and radishes. That should tide me over when I have the munchies or just need a little crunch! More on what was prepared later! Fail to Plan, you plan to fail…. remember that!!
As for the thought for today, let’s think about Perception… I have mentioned the Kaleidoscope analogy on several occasions…
Think about how others view the world or certain situations before assumptions are made… Viewing the world though someone elses’ eyes! Without looking at things through the eyes of someone else, do you really know what is behind their actions? When a person walks by without a kind hello, do you get made, think that is rude and change your opinion of that person? What if that person is really just having a hard day or maybe has so much going on that literally didn’t even see you? Attempting to view the world through another person’s eyes builds empathy and a deeper understanding of that person. Think about others you may not see eye to eye with before jumping to conclusions. You would be amazed how your perceptions can change.
Remember what I see is not necessarily what you see… What colors do you see??? If you think about it, life is nothing but perception…..

Have an amazing day!