Good Morning Team! SO we all take on different challenges each day, whether we realize it or not! It could be something as small as waking up a few minutes earlier than usual to something big like climbing the highest mountain in the country. Whatever your challenge is, big or small, they are all mountains we are climbing. It is important to always be taking leaps of faith, challenging ourselves to step outside out box and experience our potential towards bettering ourselves. How do we ever better ourselves if we don’t test ourselves and set up our goals and challenges?? Life is about embarking upon these journeys, no matter how scary they may seem! Each day coming up with a new challenge and seeing to it that you overcome that challenge or worked through it will only make you a better, stronger, more confident YOU. Revealing just what you are capable of, your ability to push yourself, take on the power and influence of your mind, dig a little bit deeper, etc. is something no one can take away from you!
Today I am on the edge of my seat to hear back from Michael who is taking on the challenge of The Climb… That is the Climb to Summit Mount Whitney. Mount Whitney is the highest summit in the 48 states of the United States with an elevation of 14,505 feet, Located within the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range of Sequoia National Park. The summit can be reached on a 10.7-mile trail. So about 11 miles up and 11 miles back…
We may not be climbing Mt. Whitney or the highest mountain in the 48 states but we are climbing our own mountains! For me it is Mt. Gina and you Mt._________. We all have our own challenges and mountains we are climbing. When we reach summit, the experience, lessons learned, challenges and unforgettable feelings are priceless!
Today as I conquer my cardio, I will be thinking 2, 3, 4, miles…. I can do it, M is hiking 22 and at elevation! Dig deep and let’s go after our own personal challenges and climb our own mountains!
Here is a shot from his mini hike last night, to get acclimated to the train and elevation….

“Mountains cannot be surmounted except by winding paths.”~Goethe

Have an amazing Tuesday everyone!