Gina’s Personal Log 06-26

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  1. elizkent says:

    Gina-Love the meals being posted…so many great ideas. How does your hubby eat compared to you and if he eats the same, how does he adjust the meals? I will make food for my husband and just add in potatoes or rice for extra carbs for him….always looking for ideas though!

  2. Jodie Mason says:

    What a delicious looking day!

  3. Great question Liz. I do the same for my husband, add more carbs, 2 tortillas instead of one, etc. He also loves cheese so I add cheese to just about everything I make him 🙂 He eats really healthy too so it makes it much easier, add some cheese and he is happy 🙂

  4. cherie says:

    You always have great meal ideas! Yesterday I tried my first Quest bar, heard of them through your logs. I ate one with an apple and it was delicious and kept me full for a while. 🙂 Thanks for posting every day, it’s great inspiration!

  5. Oh I am so happy Cherie and so glad to be able to help you with some ideas!! Glad you love the Quest bars! They are amazing and as you can see, I eat them daily! 🙂 Thanks for following! hugs, Gina

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