Eating out doesn’t have to be so daunting after all. As long as you know how to order and make your necessary modifications, you can dine out, enjoy good company and excellent food without any guilt. I wanted to share my favorite Gina Approved meal that I create at PF Changs. I am actually “known” for this creation and surely gets the seal of approval from several of my clients and dinner partners! This is a common chain so hopefully several of you will be able to give this one a try. I love love love my wraps and create my own version of “Chicken Lettuce Wraps” wherever I can.  Check out my modifications of this “self made” meal, which can be made almost anywhere by just ordering Lean Protein, Veggies and a side of Lettuce Cups. Check out this brilliant idea and see how I make eating out a realistic part of your everyday life!

2 Options:
Chicken breast stir-fried with green onions and ginger and centered in a ring of fresh broccoli
MODIFICATION: Ordered without any sauce, simply steamed!

Wok-fired with Sichuan preserves, onion, chili paste and garlic
MODIFICATION: Ordered without the “Sichuan” sauce and simply steamed or grilled

Order a side of lime and lettuce cups

Gina suggest you stay away from the sauces or use them sparingly. Ditch the pot sticker sauce and stick with the chili paste or hot mustard to add a little kick!

Finally order brown rice over white rice and you have yourself a completely Gina Approved Meal with less than 500 calories!!