There’s no question we are in the middle of a global pandemic. This affects everything from schools being closed, having to adjust to new schedules, potentially learning how to homeschool, and so much more.  Not to mention, if you’ve been to the grocery store in the last week or so, you’ve probably noticed the shortage of some pantry staples… Items like chicken, ground turkey, eggs, water, almond milk and toilet paper are all in hot demand right now and hard to come by.

But what happens when you head to the store to stock up on our G-Fit meal plan and the store is OUT of the foods you need?

There’s no question that we LOVE having our meal plan readily available to keep us on track however, with the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, it’s safe to say that some of our favorite staples are hard to find.

Wondering how you’re going to stay on top of your nutrition when the grocery stores are selling out of what you need? Not sure what to do if you can’t find the exact foods laid out in the G-Fit menu?

Well friends, rest assured! I have some good news for you: You can STILL live the G-Fit lifestyle, even in the middle of a global pandemic. You can still make progress towards your goals with limited items available and I am here to help!

I have 10 suggestions on how YOU can stay on top of your nutrition during the COVID-19 outbreak 

  1. Progress Over Perfection

First and foremost, focus on making progress, not perfection. We are never striving for progress but during this time, especially! Do the BEST you can and with grace. I will continue to design our menu to give us lots of options so you can confidently continue to get after our goals, even while quarantined.

Luckily, with our exchange list, you have options. In the coming weeks, if you have to make more substitutions to accommodate what you have and can find, that is 100% OK! If that means you are eating more canned tuna or having to sub out your favorite turkey for chicken, so be it!

Don’t stress yourself if you don’t have the exact foods laid out. Remember, we have options and the ability to make adjustments and substitutions so we can still stay on plan during this unprecedented time.

  1. See What You Already Have

This is a great time to take inventory of what’s been hiding out in the back of your pantry. You may find some cans of garbanzo beans or fire roasted tomatoes that we can easily put to use. Garbanzo’s can be turned into croutons (be sure to mark it a favorite in the G-Fit App) for a yummy crunchy carb option or added to a salad. Can of tomatoes makes a great sauce for our zoodles or even as a sauce over lean protein. You’d be surprised how many nutrient-dense Gina approved ingredients you’ll find pushed to the back of the pantry that we can use! As you go through those shelves, it’s the perfect time to detox from all of those sneaky not so approved items. 😉

  1. Hit the Grocery Store Early in the Morning

Head to the grocery store first thing in the morning! As the day goes on, certain food items and pantry staples are more likely to sell out quicker than others. Plan to arrive at the grocery store as early as possible to beat the crowds and pick up those meal plan ingredients that were restocked the night before like eggs, almond milk or your lean protein favorites.

  1. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is one of my grocery shopping G-Fit tips in general but now it is even more of a suggestion. Not only will buying in bulk save you money but save you time having to go back to the store frequently. While we are limited with how many items we can get at one time, there are several items we can buy that come in bulk such as zucchini or brown rice. Since we are BIG on our veggies but they aren’t as easy to come by these days, stick with the ones we can get our hands on and the ones that we can do the most with! If you are a yam or sweet potato lover, this may be the time to learn to love brown rice or quinoa. Typically you can find these grains in bulk so you can have your stash available.

  1. Check with your local farms

Some of the smaller farms have excess and are available for pick up or drop off. Not only is fresh and local best but you are supporting your local farmers who aren’t able to participate in their weekly Farmer’s Markets. It can be a win win so call around and see if there is fresh organic produce you can find outside of your every day markets.

  1. Be Creative

This is our JAM! We are known for being creative and simple creative at that so this is right up our alley! Now, more than ever, it is time to put on your thinking caps, have some fun and get creative!

Take inventory of what’s already in your pantry! I recommend making a list of all the ingredients you have and writing up some creative recipes. Don’t be afraid to swap out healthy alternatives in the meal plan or recipes, too! If you’re missing a few ingredients for a particular recipe, use what you have in the pantry and make the necessary adjustments. You’d be surprised at what you might just come up with! Find what you have and search the G-Fit App to see what recipes include what you ALREADY HAVE!

  1. Think before you buy

It is common to go into panic mode and not think before you buy. You finally get yourself out to the grocery store and the shelves are bare so you just zoom through the aisles and put whatever you can in your cart.

Rather than mindlessly shop, be mindful with your grabs. Think about what you can do with this ingredient. Can you get creative and make multiple things with it or is it more of a single use item. Pick the produce and foods that you can get creative with and make several different creations with. For example, our good ol’ zucchini… you can turn that into zoodles, chop for a stirfry, add to wraps, bake zucchini chips, make zucchini boats and even my famous zucchini loafs.  (Search “Zucchini” in the G-Fit App and see all the zucchini creations we have!)

Think before you buy and this will help you keep you living the G-Fit lifestyle without getting bored with the limited foods that are available.

  1. Stock Up on Frozen Berries

There are still plenty of frozen berries in the freezer section at the grocery stores. While not every meal plan has fruit, you will be fruit making a comeback in the coming months. Placed strategically in our meal plan, of course, but now is the perfect time to add a boost of antioxidants to our menu and keep our immune system strong.  Get your hands on some frozen berries and have them on hands. Not to mention smoothies are such a perfect healthy meal for the kiddos. 

  1. Buy Fresh and Freeze It

All the frozen produce is wiped from the freezers, no problem. Most are heading straight to the freezer section to stock up on their frozen veggies that they are leaving all the fresh for us! Since veggies are free on our plans, most likely they wont go bad but you may as well load up because you can always freeze produce. Simply chop, add to freezer bags with water, place it into the freezer and freeze until solid. Use those frozen blends to add to your stir-frys or sauces. Spinach and kale are great for freezing! Also makes perfect additions to our green smoothies so buy fresh and freeze!

  1. Make Pre-Meal Non-Negotiable

You may already be a meal prep queen and if so, good for you, keep on keep on. For those of us that need to get better in this area, now is our time. Preparing our meals for the week, cooking in bulk and having meals ready to go is going to be key! Especially if you are home schooling and trying to figure everything out, one less thing you want to worry about is what’s for lunch or dinner?!

Take the time every few days, typically Sunday and mid week, to meal prep and have things ready to go. Freezing is another great way to have your foods ready for periods of time.

We’ve Got This! 

Even if the grocery store doesn’t have what you need for the EXACT meal plan readily available, there are plenty of ways we can stay on track with your nutrition during the coronavirus outbreak.

You CAN create delicious creations regardless if it is a lower carb or moderate carb day. Where there is a will, there is a way and together we are navigating our way through this TOGETHER.

With the proper nutrition and eating for purpose, while getting in our killer G-Fit Circuits, we WILL get through this and be fitter and stronger in the end, promise!

If you have any questions or need recipe ideas or how to make our menu work based on what you have available, I am here to help.

Sending you so much love and healthy vibes during this unprecedented time.