hello hello everyone. Hope you had a fantastic day!! My day to relax a bit didn’t turn out as planned.

LOL, that is where I was… feeling like a criminal! šŸ˜‰
So before we headed out for Cabo, I received a ticket in the mail with a $175 bail. What??? I hadn’t been pulled over so what the heck… we were literally leaving out of the country that day so decided to pay the bail, checked not guilty (what was I guilty of??!!) and be done with it. I didn’t have the time to call, see wht it was, etc. There was nothing on the ticket to reference the citation, only a code. Anyways so I thought I just was out $175 but being gone and not wanting any repercussions, that was just something I had to do… Anyways, po’d but it was done… so then the other day I get a notice that I have a court hearing… what the heck.. so come to find out, I had been ticketed for my Tint without even being in the car! Did you know they could do that! Well apparently YES! so anyways because I had plead not guilty, I had to appear in court. Come to find out, the initial ticket was a fix it and then only $25 fine but I did’t know and now no longer have that car…We went down to the court house today so I could take care of this and 4 hours later, after hearing peoples cases and then finally telling the judge mine, he let me go, within 10 seconds!! Long day and not what I thought I was going to be doing but at least now I am to be receiving a $150 refund! That is taken care of and what a crazy system we have!! What cop tickets a white lexus with the license plate, “G-Fit” and a Fire sticker on the back…?? that is just wrong!! WHat is our world coming to??
Anyways that is all done with and big CHECK off my list!
Hey, good news, the court house is some Great people watching, oh my gosh… Can I just say, if you ever want some good people watching, head over to your local court house! šŸ˜‰
anyways, now finally relaxing with the hubs making Tilapia, BIG salad with crispy green beans and sauted mushrooms! šŸ™‚
until tomorrow