Fresh Start of the year, Fresh Start to your day…

Fresh Start of the year, Fresh Start to your day…

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  1. Tracy says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I was never a morning person and quite frankly the thought of doing cardio pre-food and first thing in the morning was appalling to me BUT about 15 months ago Gina changed my plan to include morning cardio and now it is the only way to start the day. I actually miss the days I don’t get up for cardio first thing. I am more productive and I do eat better on the days I get to the gym first thing. I was NOT a morning person and I am a convert! I can’t tell you how much I believe in Gina’s post today. Give it a month or so to become a new routine and you will swear by it. Take it from me- a non-morning person for all 46 years of my life until NOW!!

  2. That’s my Tracy!! See you are a perfect example of how you use to not be a morning person and now look at you!! Isn’t it amazing how much more productive it makes ALL areas of your life, amazing! Give it up for the early morning do’ers. Everyone, give it a try and see what the rest of us are experiencing!

    46 years old and never too late to turn yourself into a morning person!

    Thanks for you post Tracy!

  3. fitsandy says:

    Morning people are so much happier too. Another bonus.

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