Are you a morning person? If you laughed when you read this, hopefully we can convince you! WIth new goals at bay and the New Year coming up pretty quick, if you are not a morning person, this may be something you should consider… Starting off the year with a fresh start is such a great feeling, isn’t it?! Just like the change of a year, this can happen each day. The best way to start of a fresh new day is with some form of exercise! Take advantage of getting up early and start each day off right.
If you have never been a morning person yet are striving to discover how to achieve your goals make this balanced fitness lifestyle work for you, the answer can be in a.m. exercise. An early fresh start is the basis of this program. Not only are there physical benefits but the mental components of early exercise sets the tone and shapes your day, which rolls over into the next and the next… Getting up early and getting to action is key to long term success.
With the New Year approaching, maybe this is a goal you want to set up for yourself. Give it 4 weeks and see how you feel? See how it makes a difference in you world? Please, just commit yourself for one month and see how your lifestyle changes. Here are a few key reasons to consider making this a point in your daily routine.
-Sets the tone for the day by kick starting your metabolism. You have been “fasting” all night and exercising revamps your metabolism and keeps it burning throughout the day!
-Gives you natural energy for your day and releases endorphins, making you feel great!
-Start the day off feeling accomplished!
-Awakens your mind allowing your brain to start functioning and thinking clearly.
-Your days are just overall more productive, all because of the small amount of time you invested on you and exercising.
-You don’t have to convince yourself, later in the day, to exercise, because you already have!
-Your food choices throughout the day seem to be better when you have invested your time and energy into exercising first thing.
-You learn to love waking up and look forward to how exercising makes you feel, first thing. It is your natural Java that gets you fired up and going.
-Starting off your day with that “YOU” time, sets the tone for the day, making you feel great!
Rather than dragging yourself to the gym or outdoors, after a long day of work and with family obligations in the back of your mind, get up and get it done. Allow yourself to enjoy the benefits exercise has to offer you, throughout the day. Exercising later in the day, if it gets done, doesn’t allow you to reap all the benefits and could potentially alter your sleeping patterns. There are so many other benefits of getting up and getting your exercise routine out of the way. You will discover several of those benefits on your own so why wait, start to discover them now!
A New Year is approaching, try a new approach to your fitness routine, just give it a try….