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    Do you offer returns or exchanges on your products?

    Unfortunately because these are intangible items, from Gina Aliotti Fitness, we are unable to offer refunds.

    Are the prices for your plans a one time charge or monthly?

    These are a ONE time charge so once you purchase your plan you are good to go and have lifelong access to your download. The only monthly recurring cost is my VIP Membership which is my Virtual training program.

    Help! I didn’t receive my order confirmation/links to download my plan after my order. Please advise.

    Be sure to check your spam folder as often the e-mails can get set to spam. If you check and still do not see anything from Gina Aliotti Fitness, please reach out and we will resend your confirmation e-mail with links to your plan(s).


    What is your NEW VIP Challenge Program? I have heard so many great things about it! Can you please explain in more detail?

    Yes, my latest addition to my website and services is my VIP Challenge Program which is a way for me to hold people accountable. Consider me your virtual trainer. You have a question, need any help, I am here for you! This is a monthly membership program (cancel at any time) that offers more 101 guidance with instructional training  videos, access to my private VIP facebook group page where I offer LIVE events, Q&A, support and so much more. You can consider me your virtual trainer. I found that people need a set plan AND the accountability to stay on their plan so created a way to offer continued coaching. This VIP program offers more than just diet and training but digs a bit deeper into the mental components of fitness and how we stay motivated and on track for LIFE. It is through my VIP program that I am sharing all the things that I do on a daily basis and have created the foundation for long term success. ACCOUNTABILITY is huge and what I offer people through my 101 coaching. Now with my VIP program, I can reach out to so many more and ensure that you stay on track with your goals and any program you are on. We have created such an amazing network of others all after similar goals who share, support and inspire each other to dig deep each and every day. Included are also recipes that go hand in hand with my plans, weekly Q&A LIVE Events, Prizes, Support, Weekly Mantras to set the tone of each week and give you focus to dig deeper, Diet and training advise and SO much more…

    I am torn between purchasing three programs, Ultimate Shred 365, Ultimate Accelerated Plan, and the Ultimate Weight Loss Plan. Any recommendations on which one to purchase. I aspire to join the Army however I am 100 pounds over the maximum weight limit where I need to be. I don't have access to gym equipment but I do have weight equipment such as dumbbells, and kettle bells. I will also be acquiring a stationary bike for added cardio. I am looking for a plan that is easy to stick with and will help me lose weight. I like what I am reading about all three programs but I would like some extra suggestions from others.

    Samantha, all such great suggestions from everyone. Let me explain a little bit more about the different plans and I plan on doing a video about this as well.

    All the plans have a purpose and you will see that as you jump on board you will grow your library and be set for life depending on where you are and what your goals are.

    I also have my Ultimate Weight-Loss Plan, which was my initial e-book – basically the foundational principles I go by and have coached thousands of people on. How to get started, how to stay motivated, grocery shopping, cooking ideas recipes and much more. People call us their fitness Bible. These are tools that is you follow you will stay on track.

    My Ultimate Shred 365 was my next e-book —which is a year-long plan to keep you on track throughout the year. It is basically a balanced lifestyle program incorporating my formulations that work and will not keep you feeling deprived. There is a refuel every week so it is basically how you will live your every day life.

    Then came a UAP (Ultimate Accelerated Plan)  which is a 6 week accelerated plan with no gym necessary. This is a great way to accelerate your results in only six weeks and especially great for those that do not have access to a gym.

    Then came my 7 Day Body Blast which is a seven day booster plan to kick start results or help cleanse your body. Sometimes you just have those weekends where you need to detox from or if you have an event and you need to see results in the least amount of time this plan is perfect. Also a great plan to have after the holidays when you may have gone just slightly overboard. Or also when a party gets thrown at you and you need to fit into your little black dress and feel amazing kind of an emergency plan that will get you results in only a week.

    Now my new VIP program is a take off of our challenges which offers daily emails with instructional videos of each monthly challenge plus motivation recipes and a little actual extra personalization from me. There also is a meal plan included but you can use any of the meal plans with the VIP. The challenges are great only taking up about five minutes of your day so even when you can’t get to the gym or don’t have time for a work out they are perfect to have you doing something daily.

    You really can’t go wrong —my VIP is a great complement any plan for that daily dose of motivation and accountability. Also chance to win prizes and get other exclusive content and deals for VIP’s.

    I know that is a lot of information but wanted you to have a better idea of what each plan is all about.

    What is the difference between your Ultimate Weight Loss Plan and Ultimate Shred 365?

    Both plans are intended for overall loss of body fat and increase in muscle tissue. Both of my plans would benefit help you learn more about the tools of how to eat well and balanced to reach your goals and then be able to maintain them. Both my Ultimate Weight Loss and Ultimate Shred 365 work well together with my UWL being more of a foundational book, offering you key information and tools with a basic workout and nutritional guide and my US365 is a very detailed, specific and laid out monthly program that does not have the other tips and tools, as included in my Ultimate Weight Loss Plan.

    My Ultimate Weight Loss is a 85 page download that is the foundation of my principles, tools, etc. It includes a basic nutritional and training program, a shopping list, information about how to eat and order out, how to prepare fish, super foods, supplement information, how to stay on track with your goals, tons of healthy recipes and much more.

    My Ultimate Shred 365 is a very detailed and specific menu and training plan for each month of the year. It specifies exactly what to eat, how much and what your workout and cardio routine will be for each month.

    What is the difference between the nutrition/training downloadable plans you offer?

    I currently offer 4 e-books. My Ultimate Weight Loss Plan is my foundational book that offers all the tools, tips, how to get started, stay motivated, eat out, grocery shop, cooking ideas, recipes and much more. It is a great reference book and what people call their “fitness bible”. It includes my principles that have worked for me and thousands of others in your shoes. I also have my Ultimate Shred 365 Plan, which is a year long plan that includes a new training and nutritional plan for each month! It is an excellent plan to follow for life! It offers a refuel meal once a week and lots of variety to keep you on track, healthy and making progress! The workouts do incorporate gym equipment and are a mix of steady state and circuit workouts. My Ultimate Accelerated Plan (UAP) is a 6 week Accelerated Plan that does not require a gym! The workouts listed are circuit style and really focus on my “less is more approach”. It includes 6 weeks of nutrition, grocery lists for each week, recipes and more. It was designed with the busy mom in mind so a great plan for those (especially moms) that don’t have a ton of time. My 7 Day Body Blast is my most recent plan that is a great kick starter plan for when you need to detox or feel like you have hit a plateau with your training. It includes both nutrition and circuit style home workouts that will produce results in only 7 days. I also offer a plan for those expecting. My Ultimate Pregnancy Plan is an all inclusive plan to take you step by step throughout your pregnancy! It includes circuit workouts (with videos), nutritional plans, mommy must haves, baby must haves, recipes, and tools that worked for me, and so much more!!


    I will be doing the workouts at home, what equipment do you suggest?

    You absolutely can modify the workouts and do them at home. I suggest you get yourself a set of dumbbells (or two). Depending on your level of fitness, you can get whatever weight will be right for you. Typically, a set of 8-12 pounds and a heavier set of 15 pounds. It really just depends on your fitness level but you want a set of lighter and then more challenging weights. For you that may be 5 pounds and 12 pounds or heavier… Just get what is going to challenge you but of course allow you to perform the exercises with perfect form! 🙂 I also suggest you invest in an exercise ball and exercise bands. This will allow you variety. Other than that, you can use body weight to perform the exercises so that should do it! 🙂 Home workout or gym workouts, you can always make it work!! Here is a screen shot from my UAP regarding my recommended equipment 🙂


    Gina, I have tried the different pancakes and loafs in your plans but they are coming out so dry. What am I doing wrong??

    The key really is in the protein powder. That is exactly why Dana and I created Devotion Nutrition. The protein makes or breaks your loafs/pancakes. With Devotion’s Protein, you will maintain the moisture, fluffiness and flavor! This was the exact catalyst of why we decided to create our own line, the huge need for a powder that would work with all my plans!!

    A few other tips to help:

    -Use Devotion Nutrition Protein!

    -Always add a touch of water to the mix

    -cook with lower heat

    -be sure to add 1/2 tsp baking powder to help with rise

    -feel free to add zucchini for added moisture


    Again, I suggest you try Devotion Nutrition protein, it will make ALL the difference in your baked goods.

    Hi Gina! Are your meal plans able to be adapted to a kosher diet?

    Yes, from the best of my knowledge but there is a food substitutions list incase there is something you find is not. My plans are very adaptable. If you choose Kosher foods then absolutely yes, it is Kosher. 🙂

    Hi Gina, I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with my third child. I would like to sign up for one of your meal plans/programs. I know I to wait six weeks to start exercising because I am having a C-section. However, when do you recommend starting the meal plan. I also plan to nurse. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I love your workouts because I am a special education teacher who doesn't have a lot of time to workout. Thanks so much!

    Hello and thank you for getting in touch! Way to think ahead and plan for after you have your precious baby. The best thing you can do, as you know, is focus on yourself again so you can be the best mother and wife to your kids!! Of course, we do have our 6 week take it easy time, post baby but then getting back into your full workout routine is key! During your downtime, it is important to eat healthy and really be mindful, since you will be less active. I would definitely consider starting one of my meal plans, during that time! That would be a great way to stay focused and be sure you are getting in what you need for you and your baby, yet chipping away and getting your body back! My Ultimate Accelerated Plan is great because it has circuit workouts, perfect for busy mommas, which would be great once you can get back into your workout routine. The nutrition is a bit tighter than my Ultimate Shred 365, which is a year long plan that is very balanced and does offer a refuel once a week. Personally, (throughout my pregnancy) I am on my US365 and will use that after I have my baby then will transition to my UAP. There have been some that have followed my UAP and have had NO problems with their supply and others that need to add in a little more fat or carbs or a refuel once a week. Every one is SO different so it just depends on your body. I would suggest you get my Ultimate Shred Plackage with the UAP + US365, this gives you options and you can play with one or the other and see which works best for you. It also gives you the home circuit workouts from my UAP and a Accelerated Plan, even if you don’t use it right away post baby, you will always have an Accelerated Plan to turn to when you do what to pick things up! With my US365, you have a year long plan to follow for life! With both plans, you really can’t go wrong and have everything you need 🙂 I hope that helps and congratulations to you!

    I've always had a shake and a fast acting carb post workout. With you plan, do I just eat the next meal or still include my usual shake?

    Great question! It is common to hear that a quick digesting protein, carb and even simple sugar is great post workout. This can be true but not always. Because everyone has different times that they workout, for our sake, just continue with whatever meal is next on the plan. Don’t worry about it, you will get the recovery you need and still get shredded!!

    You mention a protein shake/protein powder throughout your plans, which do you prefer or do you have any favorite brand? Are there any other specific brands of supplements you recommend off your suggested list?

    With all the discussion from people not loving their protein, it causing gas and bloat and finding their baked goods were coming out less than perfect, me and my partner, Dana Kaye, have decided to create the perfect protein!! Devotion Nutrition is the Gina Approved and recommended protein powder! After years of formulating and creating our line from the ground up, we are SO excited and know you will LOVE it just as much as we do!    In baking, it really is all about the protein powder you use. With Devotion Protein Powder, you can assure the best tasting, highest quality, delicious baked goods and night time “ice cream” or what we call “Protein Fluff” to satisfy any craving!!  Brownie Batter and Angel Food Cake are both incredible and do it all!! We also have a line of Flex Flavors that are used to enhance your food and add flavor with Zero Calories, Carbs, Fats, etc. Devotion Nutrition was created specifically to go hand in hand with all my plans!

    Other than protein powder, what supplements do you recommend when it comes to the others listed in your plans, vitamins, fish oils, etc. ?

    In terms of other supplements, as long as they are from a reputable company, any will be fine.

    Hi Gina I'm just wondering would you have a eating plan for a 14 yr. Old girl. She is a very picky Eater. Thank you!

    My Ultimate Weight Loss Plan would be a perfect plan for a 14 year old because it not only offers a basic training and nutritional plan, it teaches the tools to create the lifestyle. The plan is very flexible offering a “yes foods list” to choose your foods for each meal. It is a great way to not only create great habits but learn how to get started, how to plan, set goals, etc. It really is a great plan to build a foundation.


    Hey Gina! I have a question about the supplements on your plans... Do you list what supplements to buy or are they included?

    The supplements are listed, not included. they are your very basic supplements. I do not suggest tons of supplements and focus more on whole real quality foods. The supplements I list are my suggestions such as your basic all abound every day essentials like a multi-vitamin, probiotics, vitamin D, Omegas, etc. Supplements are only a very small part of the equation. The nutrition and training included in the plan is the foundation and bigger part of the whole.

    Gina, I see that you include Quest Protein Bars throughout the plans, where can I get them?

    Oh yes, Quest bars are amazing and a completely Gina approved protein bar!! You will LOVE them! Learn more about them HERE and Purchase them HERE!

    You state that it is ok to eat unlimited vegetables except corn, beets, etc. You did not list white potatoes, sweet potatoes or yams. Are these acceptable and considered a "free" vegetable to eat or avoid?

    As far as free vegetables, no unfortunately white potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes or any of the root vegetables are considered carbohydrates and not a free veggie. When I mention free vegetables, I am talking about lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, kale, green beans, mushrooms, celery, onions, yellow squash, etc.

    Gina...Hi I would love to buy your plan...but I live in south-africa... any other way I can get involved....thanks!

    Thank you for getting in touch! I am excited for you to get started! The beauty of my plans is you can download them and get started, no matter where you are in the world!! I have tons of people from out of the country, which you can connect with through my Private FB group page. You absolutely can get involved and I am excited for you! Sign up and get started today!

    Hi Gina! I am currently pregnant and would love any advice and help after I have my baby. I am going to nurse and would love a diet plan to keep supply up and still loose weight after this pregnancy. Thanks for inspiring me daily!

    I have just the plan for you during your pregnancy! I now have a plan dedicated to pregnancies! My Ultimate Pregnancy Plan is an all-inclusive plan to guide you throughout your entire pregnancy journey! You can check out all that is included in the table of contents below:

    My Ultimate Shred 365 and Ultimate Accelerated Plan are great to use post pregnancy and have been used by several nursing moms. My Ultimate Accelerated Plan is a bit tighter but I have had several nursing moms on this plan and have had no problem getting after their goals AND keeping their milk supply. It is a 6 week plan so a great plan to focus on, keeping you motivated and excited with a new plan each week. It also offers 36 circuit workouts, perfect for busy mommas, enabling you to do all the workouts at home and with limited equipment. I actually created this plan when I had my first because I found myself unable to spend the amount of time in the gym as I use to so this worked perfectly for time and convenience. It is really working well for others too!

    Check out success story of Amy Smith Flores. She is an example of a nursing mother of 3 following my UAP and who has had great success and NO problems with her supply. “In only 3 weeks on Gina’s UAP I was down 13.5 pounds and 4.5 inches off my waistline. My body fat went from 32% to 23% and I couldn’t be happier!!! I am a momma of 3, nursing 2 of my own and pumping to donate to twins!! Not only is UAP working, it is NOT affecting my milk supply! I’ve remained a milk making machine while on Gina’s UAP. The plan contains many galactagogue items (oats, flax seeds, etc), that paired with drinking at least a gallon of water daily really keeps the supply going. Thank you so much for the plan and extra guidance! ~Amy Smith Flores

    Both plans would be great postpartum, it just depends on what you are looking for and of course your body! You can also use them interchangeably doing the circuits from my UAP and Nutrition from my US365 or however you wish to integrate the two. They really go hand and hand and work great together. Hope this helps! Congrats on your pregnancy! hugs, Gina

    Hi Gina I wanted to by your plans. I know it comes with diet plan I am vegetarian is there a vegetarian diet plan as well?

    Unfortunately, my plans are not specific towards vegetarians however it depends on what type of vegetarian you are… If you still eat white fish, there is NO problem, as you can sub any “lean protein” for what fish. You also can sub any lean protein for egg whites or a protein shake so there are options. I have several on my plans that don’t eat chicken and other lean proteins but do eat fish, eggs, etc and have no problem. The beauty of my plans is they are flexible so it works well with your particular diet. Also, I have a private online group page where you can interact with others on my plans, ask questions, get inspiration, motivation, recipes and just interact with others on my plans. It is an excellent support group Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to be a part of your journey! hugs, Gina

    Hi Gina! My wife and I have started our journey with you plan and I have a question, if we are full or think its too much when eating can we stop eating when we think we are full or do we have to eat everything. We are doing are best and so far we have been eating what you say there but there are times it is hard to eat everything. For example, this morning I could not eat my 8 hard egg whites because I was full. Is that ok ago only eat 5?

    Hello! I am so excited you and your wife have started your journey and on your way towards great success!! It is common and does take some time to get your metabolism going, especially if you aren’t use to eating so many meals, however it will and soon enough you will be begging for more food. The food listed is so clean and low in calorie that it is important to get in the food listed, especially if you are following it 100%, it is important to get in the food so we can increase your metabolism and kick start the fat loss process. For example 5 egg whites is only about 85 calories where 8 is around 140 so you see they don’t add many calories yet they do have the protein and energy needed for metabolism, muscle preservation and to make sure your metabolism doesn’t dip from to little… I suggest you do your best to follow the plan 100% and trust the process. Keep me posted!

    Hi Gina! This morning I was a little in shock by what the scale told said. And yes, I know, we shouldn't rely on the number of the scale, but even my pants fit tighter... I come from a diet with very little carbs (only oats for breakfast and no more for the rest of the day). Could it be my body needs to get used to more carbs? Do you understand my fear of gaining even more weight, while my goal is to lose some? I really want to trust the program and give it some time, but I was just a little scared by the weight gain. Can you give me some reassurance that this is a normal reaction and that my weight / size will get down later in the process? Thank you!

    Hello! It may take your body some time to adjust, depending on the type of plan you were following before. You mention you were following a low carb plan so your metabolism may have been affected and needs some time to get jump started! I suggest you continue following the plan 100% and trust the process! IF you are following the plan 100%, I promise you will start to see changes and feel amazing! You need carbs for everyday life but also to maintain your results! With my plans, the goal is not only weight loss but long term success, being able to maintain your results once you get there. I suggest trusting the process, shying away from focusing on the scale and staying positive. If you need to repeat the UAP a few times, that is great! Once your metabolism kicks into gear, I promise you will be begging for more food! Keep me posted!

    For cardio, I don't have a bike or treadmill, what do you suggest I do for my cardio?

    If you are not going to be going to a gym, you can always get your cardio done outside. If you are doing cardio outside, it would be great if you can find a place where there are hills. Regardless, a steady fast paced walk with some jogging or stairs (if you find a set) would be perfect! If the weather doesn’t permit, you can pop in a cardio DVD and get it in that way. Where there is a will there is a way. The goal is to get in time suggested in the plan and get your heart rate up. 🙂

    Ultimate Shred 365

    If I didn’t purchase Ultimate Shred at the beginning of the year, should I start with the current month or should start with January’s menu and training?

    Go ahead and start with the current month we are in and follow it from there. I am confident that if you are consistent, no matter where you start, you will start to changes!

    In the January plan meal one consists of 1/4 oatmeal with 1 scoop of protein powder...Is that powder supposed to be mixed with the oatmeal? (Never done that before!) or just have it with water?

    You can either have these separately or together. They are great together too! You can even mix them the night before and let them sit in the refrigerator over night and they come out great! 🙂 You can make the meals however you want, as long as you include the different macronutrients listed. The key is having fun with your meals and being creative.

    Where can I find "Butt Blaster" workout? Not sure what that is consisted of?

    You should be able to find this at a gym but if your gym doesn’t have one, see the image below for an alternative to the butt blaster 😉

    For your Ultimate Shred, I plugged in one of the months meal plans into a calorie tracker. It looks like it comes out to about 1550-1600 calories. Would you recommend this for everyone or do you modify for very short/very tall women?

    Personally I do not go by calories. My suggestion to you is for you to follow the plan and if you find that you need to add a little extra this or that go ahead and increase the protein slightly maybe an extra ounce here or there. There is quite a variety of food and nutrients so you may find that you feel great on this plan. I suggest you follow it for a week or two and see how you feel before making any changes.

    What is the difference between a free day and an active recovery day?

    They are both the same thing basically where you can pick and choose anything you want to do that may not be on the plan. For example, if you enjoy a yoga or spin, take a class or if you are a hiker, take your workout to the trails. It is a way to add some variety to your program and incorporate something that may not be already spelled out for you in Ultimate Shred. Is a way to make it fun and add variety to your plan. It is a day you are not sitting on your butt but may not be going to the gym. 🙂

    Do you have a guideline that you’d recommend for calories on the “refuel meal”?

    Once again, I do not go by calories. Try not to worry so much about calories, this will really help you in your long-term success. Focusing on numbers can really make you go crazy. In terms of a refuel meal, just have a regular meal for example if you wanted a few pieces of pizza that would be great versus an entire pizza. It is called a refuel meal and not a cheat meal because I don’t believe that you should go crazy and binge. Similar to the active recovery day, it is a way to add variety program and for you to feel like you are still enjoying life.

    I noticed that your training does not include exercises specifically for chest. Is it not as important for women to train chest?

    As for chest, you will be working chest with other various exercises that focus on the upper chest work, such as incline presses, Arnold Presses, front raises, push ups, etc.). As women, I do not believe we need to focus on “pecs” so to speak. As long as you include upper chest work, that will be just perfect!

    Is your Ultimate Shred 365 Plan one that I can follow while I am pregnant?

    Better yet… Check out my Ultimate Pregnancy Plan, my all inclusive pregnancy plan!!!

    Can I follow your Ultimate Shred Plan if I am gluten intolerant or follow a gluten free diet?

    Absolutely!! My Ultimate Shred is for the most part gluten free. Where there may be a few items that include gluten, such as wheat bran or whole grain bread/tortillas, but you can always substitute it for a gluten friendly option, such as a GF tortilla, bread, brown rice, quinoa or GF oatmeal! My Ultimate Shred is a very well balanced NON Process plan so the foods you will be eating are in their natural state and for the most part gluten free.

    Is your Ultimate Shred for severe weight loss or more of a lifestyle plan?

    Whether you are aiming to get “shredded”, lose just a few pounds, tone, tighten or just live a more well rounded balanced lifestyle, my Ultimate Shred is perfect for you! With the structure I use and my personal formulations, it will jump start your metabolism and help get you in the best shape of your life! Change is what everyone needs to continue to make changes in their body. With my Ultimate Shred, not only will it be a change from what you are currently doing, the new plans I have put together for each month will continue to allow your body to change and respond! If you don’t see results and are not happy, I will offer you a FULL REFUND!

    I am a competitor and just finished a show, is your Ultimate Shred plan for me?

    Absolutely and actually it is Perfect for you! It will offer you the structure you need after such a regimented contest prep! It also offers a very balanced plan so you will be able to replenish your muscles and fuel your mind and body with nutrients you may have been lacking. It is great way to transition into “real life” again! The best part is with this plan, you will be able to maintain your physique and not gain all those extra post contest pounds! It is absolutely a perfect plan for competitors during their off season!

    Ultimate Accelerated Plan

    Hi Gina, I am considering doing your Ultimate Accelerated Plan but I had a question. I just had my daughter 3 weeks ago and am breastfeeding. Would doing the plan affect my milk supply?

    First of all, Congrats on your baby girl!!! That is so exciting!! My UAP would be great because it has 36 circuit workouts, perfect for new and busy moms because you can do them at home and without the need of a gym! The nutritional plan is a bit stricter than my Ultimate Shred 365. For breast-feeding moms, my suggestion is to listen to your body and watch your milk supply. My plans are balanced and allow you to eat a variety of foods and still reach your goals however my UAP is a “6 week accelerated plan” so is a bit tighter than my year long US365. I have some breastfeeding moms on my UAP and others on my US365, it just depends on what you are looking for and also YOUR body. You can always add in a serving of carbs or fats, if needed. The key is listening to your body because everyone is different!!! People are using my plans in combination with one another and that works great too! You can follow the Nutrition of my US365 and workouts of my UAP then when you ease back on breastfeeding you can follow my UAP to help you get back to your pre baby weight. 🙂 Either way, you have plans that you can follow for life, a yearlong plan and an “accelerated plan” to turn to when you want to turn things up a bit.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. I am excited for you and know you will see great progress, no matter what plan you decide on.

    Way to focus on YOU and get back into a plan that will help you give yourself the time and attention for you needed YOU time. Again, congrats on your little one!

    I'm going to purchase your UAP plan and have a question because you state the program is no gym need. I don't have any equipment at home. Can I go to the gym and continue with my regular routine or is that going to be detrimental to the plan lifting with my routines? I love lifting and feel I have a good base.

    I am excited for you to get started on my UAP. NO you ABSOLUTELY can continue with your gym workouts, that is great!! Following the nutritional part of the plan and continuing with your workouts will be a great mix! The NO Gym Circuit workouts are there for those that may not have time for the gym or prefer home workouts but if you are loving your gym workouts, keep up with those and incorporate the nutrition and you will see amazing results! My Ultimate Shred 365 would be a great transition after and that plan includes gym workouts I am excited for you and know you will love the plan and see great results!

    Does the UAP come with instructional videos or explanations of the exercises Or to I have to search your website for these?

    I am excited you have my UAP and are ready to get started! I am so excited for you!! YES, the plan has been upgraded with links that will direct you to videos that demonstrate the exercises in the circuit workout! If you have any questions,  free to ask in my private Group page and I or someone will lead you in the right direction. In the Group, you will also see there is an album designated for the exercises. Under the “PHOTOS” tab, an album named “UAP Exercises (How To’s)” that has all the images for the exercises. Also in the “FILES” tab, there are downloadable documents that include home exercises for the US 365 plan! My Ultimate Breakthrough Plan has full REAL TIME instructional videos for each circuit so we can workout together 🙂

    We are all here to help! I am excited and know you will see great results!

    Hi Gina I am loving your UAP and liking what I am seeing!! I'm not starving like I have been on other diets, which is awesome. I'm on day 5 of the first week. I don't understand how week 2 works, it says "every other day" on the menus. Can you please explain it to me. Thank you!

    I am so glad you are liking my UAP and seeing results, already!! For week 2 you follow the first plan for 1 day then the second then back to the first, etc. you will switch between the plans so every other day the plan is different… See below:

    Day 1: menu 1
    Day 2: menu 2
    Day 3: menu 1
    Day 4: menu 2
    Day 5: menu 1
    Day 6: menu 2
    Day 7: menu 1

    Gina, is the UAP considered a low carb plan? I just was reading on how this may wreck one's metabolism. I'll be starting week 3 on Monday. Thanks!

    Great Question!! My UAP is an accelerated plan so does have “tighter” food choices and less variety to allow for the best results in 6 weeks however, with the higher carb days and balance of fats and carbs, it is by no means a “low carb plan”. If you don’t have the right balance of macro nutrients and sustain a limited and restrictive plan for too long, yes it can affect your metabolism, hence the rebound affect from most diets. My plans will not cause any type of rebound and will shed fat without hurting your metabolism. Again, it is the way I have the carb/fat cycled throughout. However, I wouldn’t recommend my UAP for life, hence why it is a 6 week plan. This is not because of the effects on your metabolism but having a bit more variety and a refuel meal (or meal of your choice a week), as seen in my Ultimate Shred 365 Plan, allows for more of a realistic and adaptable lifestyle that can be followed for life. My Ultimate Shred 365 Plan, offers just that YET the structure for you to continue seeing results and reaching your goals, while maintaining optimal health!!

    Gina, I have been on your UAP for only a few days and am finding myself low energy and really hungry. Is this normal and do you have any suggestions?? Thank you!

    Hello and thank you for getting in touch! Here are a few suggestions that will surely help!

    -Water. Aim to get in even a little more, maybe a gallon a day. That can really help with energy!

    -Time. Give it a bit of time, maybe a few more weeks to see if your body adjusts, often it needs a few days and the first few days are your body detoxing from all the processed foods you may have been eating.

    -Veggies. Remember veggies are FREE so have at them. Load your plate with tons of veggies or big salads. This will help with hunger, keeping you full, getting in quality vitamins and minerals, fiber and help actually speed up your metabolism.

    -Add an extra meal! The menu has 6 meals but it is totally fine and depends on each person, to add a 7th meal of either 4 oz lean protein and veggies/salad (no oil) or 6 egg whites or a protein shake.

    Take these suggestions for a test drive and let me know if you have any other questions. Keep me posted.

    Be patient, results will follow!

    Gina, I am interested in your UAP but I am a type 1 diabetic. I wonder if there is a way to modify slightly to control the low sugar dips in the middle of day since the carb amount is very limited during the day. I know I can reduce insulin amounts also once I get started won't need as much of my long acting insulin. Thanks for your input.

    Thank you for getting in touch and for your interest in my UAP! I am excited for you and know you will love the plan, see great results and feel amazing!! There are always ways to modify the plans. I suggest you start with things as they are, you will be surprised that the plan may be perfect, just as is! The rotation and balance of carbs and fats really keeps your body in a great place, hormones balanced and blood sugar stable! Most people notice the changes right away, as the plan has been laid out. The carbs are complex, fats are all healthy fats, proteins all healthy lean proteins and the balance and formulations I have used are to keep your blood sugar stable and from spiking throughout the day, which is key for anyone, especially anyone with diabetes! If you find that you do need just a touch more, you can always add in another serving of fat or carbs, depending on the day (fat focused day, an extra serving of fat or extra serving of carbs, on the carb focused day). The beauty is, I have an online private Facebook page that is a great way to connect with others, ask questions, get involved and share your success, etc. I and everyone else are really active supportive and offer tons of great feedback to keep you on track! I hope that helps! I am excited for you! Keep me posted!

    Hi Gina, I have been on the UAP for three weeks now and I am experiencing constipation.
What do you advise?

    Hello and thank you for getting in touch. Here are a few pointers:

    1. Water! Be sure you are getting in all your water, aim for 3/4-1 gallon a day!
    2. Veggies! Be sure you are eating your veggies and getting in your fiber to keep things moving. You want to also watch which veggies and learn your body, as some can cause more bloating than others but if you are getting in your water, this shouldn’t be an issue! Fiber is key but you need to water to go with the fiber to keep things moving…
    3. Probiotics. Be sure you are taking your probiotics!
    4. Digestive Enzymes. Digestive Enzymes can be helpful when your body isn’t digesting or assimilating the nutrients well. This can come out in the form of bloating or constipation to take digestive enzymes a few times a day with your meals. Typically you would take them with whole foods vs. shakes.
    5. Mild over the counter laxative such as Dieters Tea or Smooth Move. These are very mild but will get things moving, typically within 12-24 hours.
    6. Magnesium. You may want to supplement with a magnesium pill, which is another mild form of a laxative. Start out with about 500 milligrams (mgs) of Magnesium Citrate. Take this in the evening with your evening meal or before bed with water. You can increase to 750 or 1000 depending on how your body responds or decrease to 250 mg/day. See how it goes.

    Give this a try and I Hope this helps!!

    Hi Gina, I would like to know more about your 6 week plan. I have been gradually increasing my weight over the past few years and I have low blood pressure, which has decreased my energy and strength. I am replenishing my adrenal glands and immune system too. My question is, are any of the supplements you have on your plan fat burners? Because this may hinder what I'm trying to restore naturally. I am also on hormone replacement therapy, which now helps me sleep better. Would your plan work for me as I am trying to regain overall health and balance my hormones?

    Hello! My UAP is perfect for you and I know you will love it, see great results AND it is right in line with what you are trying to achieve with your hormonal balance. The plan includes wholesome quality foods that are easy to find and prepare. The supplements listed are for everyday health and longevity such as your fish oils, multi-vitamin, probiotics, vitamin D, etc. No fat burners are included, as I do not believe in them and focus more on long term overall health! The plan will help you with your physical and hormonal goals, balancing everything, giving you energy, strength, not to mention help you tone and tighten your body while building confidence and that extra edge to be your best. I would love to be a part of your journey! Let me know if you have any questions. I can’t wait to hear from you with your success!! hugs, Gina

    You can check out all it has to offer in the table of contents below! You will LOVE it! I worked hard to create an all inclusive plan that offers everything that worked for me and I know you can benefit from too!!

    Hi Gina, I am currently on week 3 of your UAP. I am making great progress but I have run into a huge crash in my milk supply. I am 5 months postpartum and was making only enough to feed my little girl before starting the UAP. Since starting, I have noticed a dip in my supply. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank You!

    Hello! Congrats on your new little love! I am excited about your progress however don’t want you to be experiencing a huge dip in milk supply!! There are some that have followed my UAP and had NO dips although, everyone is different and you have to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. My US365 is a great plan to use post pregnancy and has been used by several nursing moms, post pregnancy. Maybe this is a better plan for you! Although there have been quite a few nursing moms with no dips in supply on my Ultimate Accelerated Plan, it is a bit stricter. It is important to keep in mind, everyone is different and you have to listen to and go with what you are experiencing! If you do notice a dip in supply here are a few suggestions…

    -Jump on board my US365,. You can also use both plans interchangeably doing the circuits from my UAP and Nutrition from my US365 or however you wish to integrate the two. They really go hand and hand and work great together. Because of variety in the US365 AND the refuel once a week, this may be the extra food you need to boost supply.

    -Use the UAP but add in an additional 7th meal of 4 oz lean protein, 5 egg whites or a scoop protein with veggies. On the day with more carbs, add in an additional serving of carbs and on the higher fat days, an additional serving of fat.

    -Add in a refuel 1x/week to the UAP.

    -Use the same menu as presented in the UAP just add in 1-2 servings of complex carbs to your higher carb days or an extra Serving of fats to your higher fat days.

    -Decrease your workout intensity, scaling back a bit…

    -Be sure you are drinking plenty of water!!

    Hope this helps!

    Hi Gina, I am ending week 5 and decided to weigh, and looks like I gained 2 lbs :( im not gonna let it discourage me but is there any advice you can give me to try to get the scale moving again? Monday will be the start of week 6. Looks like I lost 6 lbs the first 2 weeks but haven't really lost anything else the last 2-3 weeks. I haven't weighed since week 2 or 3 bc I was trying to avoid the scale. I was considering redoing the plan at the end of week 6, but if I won't be losing anymore I was Wondering if I should try something different?
 Any advice would be great! Thanks!

    Hello! I suggest you continue with the plan, as is, focusing less on your weight loss and more on watching your body composition change. That is what it is all about! Your body will continue to change, increase lean muscle tissue while decreasing body fat, and THAT is what is more important than the drop in “weight”. It is common to lose more at first then to continue to lose but at a slower weight. Also if you have less to lose, it takes time, these last few are called “superficial pounds”. Everyone drops at a different pace so no comparison just keep going! If you are being consistent, you will notice a difference in how you feel and clothes fit, that is a better measure than the scale.

    I would suggest you continue the plan then repeat it 1 more time before transitioning to my Ultimate Shred 365. If you are consistent and following the plan, you WILL continue to see changes in your body 🙂

    Keep believing, stay patient and follow the plan!

    Dig Deep!

    hugs, Gina

    Hi Gina, I purchased the UAP but unfortunately my video links in my document are not working. Also I thought a 6 week meal plan was included?

    Hello! I am excited for you to get started and know you will love the plan! The links in the PDF, unfortunately, only work when you click them from a computer. However, you can copy and paste them into your browser and they do work! The links will take you to the sample circuit workouts for each circuit, hosted on my website! There is no way around it, apparently from a PDF you cannot click them from a mobile device. As for the plan, YES there is a full plan with the menu, workouts, and more AND the updated workout part with the video links. It sounds like you just downloaded the updated workout section. You will ALSO see the UAP highlighted next to it, download that as well and you have your entire plan! Keep me posted if you have any other questions or concerns and definitely keep us all posted on your success!

    My husband and I are both interested in doing the men's and women's Ultimate Accelerated Plans at the same time. Do the recipes/meal plans make it easy to do so? Additionally, my husband is already working out 3 days a week with a fitness group that he'd like to keep doing, should he plan on doing your workouts in addition to those?

    I am excited for you and your husband to get started and know you will love the UAP! The plans were designed to go well together with all the same foods, for the most part, just quantities vary 🙂 That is great that you are going to take the challenge together, that always makes the journey that much more fun and doable 🙂 As far as your husband doing the 3 days with his fitness group, that is perfectly fine! He can continue with those classes and add another 1-2 circuits on his own. The workouts go well together too so you can maybe do a workout or two together! There are several that are on my plans and only follow the nutrition and do their own form of workouts and still see great results so I have no doubt you both will too!

    Ultimate Pregnancy Plan

    Hi Gina. Do you have any plans to follow throughout pregnancy?

    Yes!! I have released my Ultimate Pregnancy Plan, a complete guide throughout your entire pregnancy!

    I am due in a 11 weeks, would your Ultimate Pregnancy Plan still help me or should I wait till after the baby is here to start something?

    First of all, congrats on your pregnancy!! I say better late than never. It would be an added bonus to have the plan your entire way though but if you can’t you can still jump on now and follow the workouts, nutrition etc. to keep you in a great place! It also has my mommy and baby must haves which are great AND a 4th trimester section on the aftermath… There is SO much you can still gain from it and actually the 3rd trimester is when so much growth happens it is great to keep things in check! Not to mention if you plan on another, a great plan to have on hand! I would definitely consider it! I know when I was pregnant, I wanted to read and embrace anything baby and pregnancy related! Congrats again to you!!!

    Gina, I recently bought your Ultimate Pregnancy Plan! I have a question about the meal plans. Do I do UPP meal plan #1 one week and then switch to UPP #2 the next week and so on and so forth? Or do I pick one plan and stick with it for an entire trimester?

    I am so excited for you and congratulations!! You will love my UPP and it will keep you in a great place, feeling amazing throughout your pregnancy!! As far as the meal plans, with my UPP they are a bit more flexible, meaning you can do plan 1, 2, 3, in order OR skip around, based on how you are feeling and what your body is “craving” in any given week. You can also repeat a menu, if it resonates with you and you feel great on it! 🙂

    7 Day Body Blast

    Can we cook the veggies for our meals or should they be raw as well?

    Feel free to cook them although raw is Best because it your body has to work harder to digest– i.e. speed up that metabolism –not to mention so good for you to capitalize on all nutrients BUT you can cook them too… try to do a mix of both. Remember with this plan, it is all the small things I implemented that will add up to BIG results in the end of only 7 days! smile emoticon

    Are you suppose to cook the oats for the protein pudding on the 7 day body blast? Thanks!

    Uncooked although you can do them both ways… I suggest uncooked though so you get a little nuttier flavor and less soggy. Try it a few different ways and see which you prefer. Enjoy!

    I'm currently following your Ultimate Pregnancy Plan but after I give birth can I do the 7 Day Body Blast plan?

    Hello and congrats on your pregnancy. I suggest you jump on board my Ultimate Accelerated Plan then once you establish your milk supply and baby gets bigger you can do my 7 Day Body Blast. 🙂 That is a perfect plan! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!

    What is the difference between your Ultimate Breakthrough Plan vs. Ultimate Accelerated Plan

    My new Breakthrough plan is similar to the UAP in terms of a 6 week no gym necessary program however took the best of ALL my plans and created this plan. It includes 6 weeks of nutrition with flexibility/exchange list with each menu, REAL time videos to go with each circuit, recipes, and everything beyond training and nutrition to breakthrough your mindset and allow you to fully understand the lifestyle and how to be successful on the plan and beyond.

    What is the difference between the 7DBB and your other plans?

    My 7 Day Body Blast is a 7 day plan that, similar to my UAP requires NO gym. It is an incredible plan that includes photos for all the workouts and recipes throughout the menu. The plan is perfect for those who are trying to kick start or jump start their results or those that feel like they have hit a plateau and need a good RESET. The 7DBB is also a great plan to trim up, in only a week, for an event, holiday or simply to debloat and feel your best in “that little black dress”. It is a fantastic plan for after a holiday, event or party when you feel like you may have over indulged or gone a little overboard with your food choices. We all have those weekends that need a little detoxing from. My 7 Day Body Blast is a great 7 day “secret weapon” to have when you need to kick things into gear and feel your best in only 7 days. The plan will reset your body and mindset, giving you just what you need to keep your motivation going. The best part is, it is only 7 Days. You can do ANYTHING for 7 Days.

    Gina, I see you offer a VIP membership & your other downloadable programs. What is the difference?

    When you become a VIP, you have access to 100’s of real time workouts that don’t require a gym, of course. + access to our monthly VIP diet plan, a private FB Group page, weekly LIVE events for Q&A + any other info I want to share (recipe, tip, etc. ), discount on all E-books, challenges and more…

    It is your virtual gym + the accountability and support so you never fall off. The tribe is amazing and we all are family! My other programs are detailed workouts + nutrition but you download and do them on your own. Most of my VIP’s have my plans that have been accumulated over time and use them as needed. I.e. my 7 Day body blast when you need a 7 day emergency jump start, etc. It is so easy to fall off track when you don’t have the accountability so I started the VIP so we all hold each other accountable and rock this lifestyle making it FUN and REALISTIC.

    I suggest you sign up and get a week FREE to see what it is all about. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope you join us!! Sign up for your free week HERE.

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