Eating less is not a good idea because you need to keep your metabolism going?–Myth
It absolutely is about keeping your metabolism going and eating small frequent meals but that does not mean that you need to eat crazy amounts and shy away from watching your caloric intake! If you don’t eat enough, there can be serious consequences but on the much more common spectrum, if you eat too much and don’t watch your food intake, there can also be severe consequences! Even though we do not focus on calories here in The Gina Aliotti Fitness Network, the bottom line and truth behind weightless is in how many calories you take in vs. how many you burn. You do need to be aware of eating less more often but not in less meals.
You Must Workout for hours a day.–Myth
There is nothing wrong with going out for a long run or hike but don’t think that you have to workout hours on end to get results. There is something to be said about shorter and higher intense workouts. Regardless, let go of the thought that more is better and focus on the intensity of your workouts and constantly varying them so somedays you train harder and for less time and other times you spend a few extra minutes so squeeze out one last rep or exercise. Hours on end in the gym is not the answer to results but constancy with your workouts is!
You Must Take Days where you do absolutely nothing and avoid Exercise.–Myth
Yes rest is essential but that doesn’t mean sitting on the couch and doing nothing. Rest days should be days where you go with your heart and do as you feel. Do something different, vary your activity and have fun. Fitness doesn’t always have to be a certain amount of time or reps in the gym. Maybe you try a new class, go for a swim or hike. Regardless of what you do, use your “rest days” as active days to do as you feel!
Its All About finding the right diet for you!–Myth
That is the problem is it isn’t about finding the right “diet” but rather, it is all about finding the right way to live. When you focus on finding the quick fix and right diet that is when you find yourself constantly searching. It is not about the right diet, there is no right diet. It is about learning how to make healthy choices, creating healthy habits and be consistent with your efforts! Diet less and live more and stop searching, you will find it!
It doesn’t matter what you eat but you must eat every few hours to keep your metabolism up! –Myth!
It is all about what you eat, how much and how often. It is all about quality of your foods. Be sure that yes you are eating small frequent meals but focus on what it is you are eating. Proteins from lean sources, carbohydrates from complex sources and fats from good wholesome forms of mono and poly unsaturated fats and some MCT saturated fats such as coconut oil, coconut butter and coconut milk.
Tracking Calories is the way to go–Myth
Yes, it is all about calories in and calories out but we do not focus on counting all day long but rather making smart health choices. If you focus on counting you will drive yourself crazy but if you focus on quality, that is a much more realistic way to go. Knowing and being aware of calorie balance is the foundation for scientific weight loss/weight gain but it’s not necessarily a best and most realistic answer to living a healthy life. Focus more on quality and making smart, healthy choices and less about adding up and subtracting calories. **Yes, calories are a measure of energy but not the only thing that you should measure and focus on for longterm success.
You can spot reduce–Myth
Plain and simple, you cannot spot reduce. If you want to lose fat in a certain area, it is not about training that one area more often. It is about exercising more and focusing on eating habits. You cannot focus on one particular area but rather overall fat loss. Wish spot reducing wasn’t a myth but unfortunately it is.

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